Saturday, 5 January 2013

Parents Return - Party at Jane's...

 Chivers has Gastroenteritis - not eating or drinking still

When we woke up this morning we were so glad that we had made the effort last night to clear up - it would have been so easy to have just left it!!  Even John said it was nice not to have to wake up to a mess.  It meant that we could have a nice lazy morning.

In the light of day we took a good look at the beautiful bag that our Turkish wine had been wrapped in.  It was a stunning silk affair and I am wondering whether Elaine made it or picked it up somewhere on her many travels.

John has suggested that when we go to one another's house we should always take our wine in this bag so that it gets use and is not just shoved in a cupboard somewhere which would be a shame.

We received a very nice Jacqui Lawson thank you card from Elaine and Paul and we shall no doubt be in touch again once the New Year is over because there is always the Pan Handle experience to be savoured and we have suggested taking them to the races in Nicosia because they have not been.  Plus they have  now found some people who are younger than the octogenarian's in the village!

I mentioned the floral arrangement that Elaine had done for me.  It was primarily an orchid (Joani would be able to tell me what sort) with greenery and rose buds and a little plaited straw reindeer which I am guessing Elaine had also made.

We are keeping it in the conservatory where it is cooler in the hopes that it lasts a little longer.  I love fresh flowers and they are a bit of a rarity these days so it was a particularly nice gift.

We waited for Mum and Dad to return from their trip to Paphos - they came laden as always - in fact I asked Mum if she was moving in bit by bit and hoping we weren't going to notice!!

We got ourselves organised and packed up our food offerings and then set off for Aroudes and our afternoon party at Crafty Jane and Mark's where the early part of the afternoon was just about pleasant enough for people to be outside albeit in jumpers and wraps!!

There was a lovely group of people at the gathering - many of whom we had not met before.  We could not believe that one lady called Val used to take keep fit classes at Bruton School for Girls (where I went to school) and had lived in Rimpton which is where our good friends Snowy and Lisa live.  People are really good at engaging Mum and Dad in conversation so they feel included and that means we can quite happily leave them and go and make new friends ourselves. 

On returning home John got the wood burner lit and Chivers decided to come and cuddle up with Mum who was very colour coordinated with our sofa and throw!!!

Whilst Dad snoozed we settled down and watched a very unusual film called Dean Spanley.  It may not be everyone's choice as it is about reincarnation but it is centred around a very difficult relationship between a father and a son and is probably a recommended watch for any parent/child who suffers from the same!

We really didn't want or need much to eat so settled for a bit more of the cheese board and a bit of seasonal port whilst trying to stop Mum from winning the Noms games!

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