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Wednesday 16th January - Happy Birthday Hazel...

First of all I need to wish my very dear friend Haze a very happy 21+++++ birthday - we have known each other more years than I care to remember and been through some good times together and some not so good times and John has relented to say that when she comes again she can come for 10 days so she must have been a good girl! So Happy Birthday Hazel - I know that this is posted after the event but we were thinking of you and we know that your lovely son Dr Jordan took you to see Les Mis and that you thoroughly enjoyed it even though you cried buckets!!

I was off to craft today - the first time in ages and then only possible because Jeannette was taking a day off from En Plo - so thanks Jeannette.  It was bright but chilly when I left Droushia so I was fully layered up as always.  The scene driving through the village is one which has possibly been the same for years and years but I would imagine that once this older generation has passed then the sight of a local woman in her black will be more of a thing of the past.

I was very excited when I got to the Post Box because I had a parcel.  This turned out to be my birthday present from John.  My birthday is not until March and he didn't have anything to do with the choice but I saw a dress on the internet in the sales and I loved it so ordered it for myself.  The bloody thing had better fit or I will be gutted!

It was a really beautiful day and the drive out to Neo Chorio was stunning.  There is a lot going on in Latchi at the moment.  All the workmen and diggers that are not employed at the Droushia Heights hotel which is due to reopen in April (although not sure they mean this year!!!) are employed at the old Elea Village in Latchi which is being turned into a 'Zenning' resort  This all sounds good in theory but whether the current crisis will have an effect on the people who have the money to come will be another story.  

There is also work being done on the car park which has been covered in about six inches of mud since the rains and more work where the river keeps bursting its banks by the bridge where the little sandwich caravan is situated. The new shops are also taking shape.  It will be interesting to see what it all looks like this time next year when it should all be completed.  Up at Jeannette's the view was as stunning as ever - her garden is looking lush and lovely and it was a really lovely temperature there when I got outside the car.  Maybe my layers were going to be just a little too warm!!!

Crafty Jane arrived armed with a massive project as she had dug out a tapestry which she had been given about 15 years ago by her sister and she spent most of the day sorting out the various coloured threads with cries of "that's salmony pink isn't it - you think it is salmony pink don't you?" before realising that if she had read the instructions more thoroughly it gave a better description of what colours were in each skein and how many threads there were of each!  When completed it should be a reproduction of one of Renoir's famous paintings - I will keep you posted.  I think at this point when the photograph was taken hysteria had set in!!!

I didn't take much with me today as I couldn't carry the big stone I have found upon which I am going to put a pebble gecko, so I took enough with me to be able to make some Christmas Cards in readiness for later this year.

I also took my knitting but faced with Curry Rival Chris sitting next to me who is a demon knitter and crocheter I was embarrassed by my pathetic needle skills!  Chris was busy making Angry Birds hats and got carried away at one point and ended up with two right eyes!  Jane was in two minds as to whether to commission Chris to make some for her so she and her group could wear them when they go on their skiing holiday!

So I stuck to my Christmas Cards and managed to make about half a dozen using the pastel pencils I had for Christmas some rub on wording and some Stickles glitter glue.

It was incredibly hot sat outside in Jeannette's garden and as the day wore on Jane and I had to remove more and more of our clothing!  January 16th and we were sat bare foot crafting!

I forgot to take a photograph of Jeannette who has started the new year with a new image and was sporting an elfin haircut and looked fab.

She had to disappear during the course of the morning as she is having acupuncture to try and alleviate the problems that her deep vein eczema causes her.

After lunch I wrapped up my stuff and made my way back home to find John enjoying the sunshine that was coming through the conservatory roof.  He was being kept company by the cats and reading a book!

I tried to Skype Hazel to wish her a Happy Birthday but didn't manage to catch her so I  hope she had a lovely day.

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