Thursday, 31 January 2013

Wednesday 23rd January...

Craft had been cancelled today as Jeannette wasn't well.  I hadn't been sure that I would go anyway as we had left today free to help Vix and Trev if they needed us.  As it happened they were off to Limassol to get their car.  Their car and their worldly goods have arrived!  So as a result we were having a day to ourselves today - John wanted to take the bike down to Marinos to get it serviced, to get the starter sorted out and to see if the foot rest could be repaired - we are keen to get it sorted as we plan to use it more often.  I wanted to go and see if I could find some fir cones for the fire and driftwood to burn plus I needed some more pebbles to finish my gecko project.

I followed John down to Prodromi to make sure that he got there safely!!!   We had to stop off at Glykkis to see about getting a replacement blade thing for the chain saw and then it was off to the bike place.  I wanted to stop at Oniros to have a look at the tables whilst we were there. The bike place looked shut but fortunately it wasn't so we dropped the bike off and ascertained that it should be ready on Friday although we weren't entirely sure what time!  We weren't sure how much is was going to cost either but at the end of the day it needed doing so we had little choice!

Oniros didn't have a table but I did see rather a nice wrought iron planter that would look fantastic in front of the mirror that we have on the outside wall - it was exactly the right shape - I think I might ask Mum for the remainder of my birthday money to put towards it.

We decided to drive out to Limni as we wanted to take a look at the jetty thing where we see people fishing and they have been doing a lot of work there in preparation for the new golf courses that are being built.  I am guessing that by the time they are up and running that bit of the coast will be all part of the complex and not generally open to the public.

There are also loads of the right sort of fir trees there - the ones which produce the large cones that John likes to put on the fire.

We parked up and took a walk down to the jetty.  There is a lot of work happening to the old buildings that are there.  The industrial one seems to be being demolished and the pretty little one is apparently being done up for the publicity shots but then being demolished and replaced with 'something better' according to the man I spoke to - so it looks like the Limni project is going ahead albeit it very slowly so just as well we took advantage of walking there whilst we still could because before we know it it might only be available to the rich old golfers!!

We walked down to the end of the jetty to check out how the fishermen were doing and recognised this guy - we have seen him on a number of occasions at Paradise Place and at the Fly Again when we saw Blues Wire taking photographs of the band.  We stopped and had a conversation about cameras - he has just bought a cracking new Canon with fancy lens!

We decided to take a walk along the beach there as we hoped we would be able to find enough of the 'jurassic' stones I need for the gecko without having to go further along the coast to Argaka.

It is also quite wild and rough there so we were hopeful of finding some driftwood.  It was quite windy but it was a warm wind today and a good one for blowing away the cobwebs!!

We were unlucky with regard to the molten black pebbles we wanted but we did find some driftwood.  In fact John found a piece that looked just like a crocodiles head so we think we might clean that bit up and do something with it!

The colours in the sky and the sea were amazing today and although rain had been forecast for today we managed to avoid it - just as well as I had washing out on the line!!!

As we left Limni we stopped where they have cleared the trees and filled up a couple of carrier bags with fir cones.  There will be heat in the Wiseman household tonight courtesy of free cones and free driftwood which is a bit of a result!!

John decided to take some of the photographs today and took some cracking shots out at Limni.  We keep saying we are going to go out together and take both the cameras and have a bit of a competition - only trouble is they don't have the same lenses so that is a bit difficult!!!

We had to go on down to Argaka in the end.  It was getting cooler when we got to the beach so we didn't hang around  - hopefully I will have what I need now!!  

It was lovely to spend the day together out in the fresh air - that's what the bike will be good for once it is fixed - if it gets fixed!

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