Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Monday February 11th...

Just to prove that February still has a sting in its tail we had a horrendous storm this morning which, up here in the hills, manifested itself as hailstones pinging off of the conservatory roof.  If we looked over the fields and up to the Troodos this was clearly falling as snow.  A few days of nice weather lulls us into a false sense of security - it is after all only the middle of February - a lot can happen before the weather settles - normally around the time that the clocks change at the end of March and looking back at the blog it appears we continued to light the wood burner on a regular basis until that time.

I had planned to walk to Sheila's this morning but as I peered out of the window to watch the hailstones dancing on the table I knew that this was not to be!!  I had missed my art morning last week but it was just as well I had been around for Dad.  He is making progress but it is very slow and it seems that he takes one step forward (metaphorically of course) and two steps back.  John is brilliant and makes sure that Dad takes a little stroll around the block to keep his hip moving - as and when the weather allows of course.

Today I finally finished my lily picture.  A trip to Fitos's framing shop is now in order although I am undecided about where this will hang and what sort of frame it requires - he will know best I am sure!

I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this picture but am ready to move on to a new project and have had a subject in mind for some weeks now.

The lily picture was quite a departure from the faithful reproductions I have done from a photograph as this was more impressionistic and 'loose'  This in itself provided quite a challenge with much more blending than I had anticipated.  

If that picture was 'loose' then my next is positively wanton!!  I have found a picture of a Poinsettia flower that I want to try and recreate and use as my Christmas card this year.  This is a riot of colour with shocking pinks and reds which will ultimately (I hope) end up looking like a flower.  I think I am going to enjoy this but I am not sure whether my ability lends itself to the style of picture I have chosen - time will tell!!!

It has been useful being able to talk to Sheila about Dad and his muscle/sciatica problem - as an ex-nurse she has been able to offer some advice and, better than that, some practical help in the form of a TENS machine and not just any old TENS machine this one is the Rolls Royce of TENS machines!!!

I wasn't sure whether Dad would be willing to give it a go but I think he is at the stage where he is ready to try anything!  So we have been getting him wired up and are hopeful that this may help with the healing process.  It is a sort of pleasure pain thing so we have to get him to raise the impulse level just to that point - he has steadfastly been upping the limit each time - it may not sort out his hip but he will end up with buns of steel!!!

We have a glut of avocados as a result of the little contretemps John had on Saturday.  We have given quite a lot away and I knew one person who would want some so I gave Orexi Elena a bell and went up this afternoon for a coffee, chat and piece of cake.

It is always relaxing sitting in her kitchen watching her work and tucking into whatever cake/biscuit/goodie she produces.  Today I had the choice of chocolate chip cookies which she had made with the kids or a bilberry tart thing made with bilberries picked at her mother's home in Finland!

We are taking Dad to Orexi to eat on Friday before we take him back to Emba on Saturday.  Elena is doing a Spanish Tapas night which will be a change.  Helen and Al invited us to join them and Jane and Mark will be there too so it will be a bit like Christmas all over again with us all together.

Stir fry for tea tonight as I have some steak left over and it needs eating up.  Dad eats almost anything providing it is not too spicy so he is no trouble!

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