Monday, 4 February 2013

Sunday 27th January...

We have heard that mum arrived safe and sound in the UK and today Dad came up to spend a couple of days with us - for the company more than anything as I know that Mum will have left him with plenty of meals in the freezer!!

We had asked him to come up just after lunch so we could take him to see Trevor and Vix's new home. They have done wonders unpacking and just about all (bar the study) is straight.  After the cottage in Odcombe Vix has so much more space - particularly in the kitchen - they certainly have plenty of storage space here!

This is the master bedroom which has a balcony overlooking the front of the house and across to the sea.  It has its own en-suite as does the other bedroom on this floor and the study/third bedroom downstairs which is handy if they ever need to sleep downstairs for whatever reason.  Our friends Mel and Simon in Emba have been sleeping in their downstairs bedroom during the winter when it has been cold.

This is a view of Dad sitting in the lounge.  Trev and Vix spent time before they came over choosing some new furniture and it is all looking lovely - particularly as we are people who like brown!  They had better watch out or they might find some bits and pieces missing!!

Murphy the Springer arrives today - he was due to arrive from Gatwick at around 6.00pm but apparently the flight was delayed by an hour and a half.  I have subsequently heard that he is settling in and Vix and Trev have been to register at a vets and arm themselves with the anti-poison kit that responsible dog owners take with them everywhere.  It will certainly be a very different environment from the green fields around Odcombe but I am sure that they will find some equally stunning places to walk Murph around Arodes and down to Lara.

We were taking Dad out for a meal tonight - as it happens he paid for us which was not the plan!  We had booked to go to the Steni coffee shop for their ribs which are available on Sundays.  I am amazed to see that the little coffee shop has its own website  (The name neromylos means watermill in Greek.)

We had to laugh when we got there as sitting eating were Herb Garden Caroline and her partner Clem who we had last seen the previous Sunday when we ate with Vix and Trev at Fitos!  As they obviously know the good places to eat we have asked them to let us know where they will be eating next Sunday!!

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