Monday, 18 February 2013

Sunday February 10th...

We had a very quiet day today - weather and health having an impact on our activities.  I had thought to do some washing (on a Sunday how shameful) but the weather wasn't too promising early doors although it improved and I would have got things dry - typical!!!

I had a bit of a tidy up today in the kitchen before embarking on cooking a sausage casserole for tonight's supper.  We have a very healthy looking fruit bowl at the moment - most of which has been given to us. We have lemons from Anne (one of the walkers), oranges from Jenny (pickleball) and the world's most expensive avocados from the man who lives at the end of the track that John unfortunately went down by mistake yesterday.  On that subject John shot off early on the moped to pay his dues and draw a line under the whole unfortunate incident.  He came back freezing - it might have brightened up outside but the wind was keen.  Dad and I found this out when we went for a turn around the new road to give Dad's hip a bit of exercise and were accompanied by Chivers!

The indifferent weather has meant that the cats don't go out so much which is good on a Sunday when the trigger happy hunters are out and about but it means that they get bored and when they get bored they are often naughty.  Minnie Moo is all for a quiet life but Chivers calls her on and picks on her so we have to try and keep him entertained so that she can have some peace and so that my rugs are not given a right old battering as they normally get it!  Chivers is still enough of a kitten to play with toys but the white mouse was destroyed today and has been consigned to the bin.

As we were in today and as I had offered to help Crafty Jane to make a bracelet for her friend Marianne's 60th birthday I took the opportunity to give my bead box a right old tidy.  This was long overdue and was quite cathartic - I am not a naturally tidy person!  I am not sure if I have anything that will help Jane but at least now I can see exactly what I do have!

We are spending most of the day in the Conservatory at the moment - it is generally warmer and distinctly lighter than the lounge and quite comfy now that we have moved the old sofas into there.

It has been nice to have space to house more delicate plants in the winter - although it has been warmer and dryer this winter we have still had some pretty fierce hail storms and these really do some damage.

The 'thank you for organising our holiday' gerbera which was a gift from my sister Kaye last June has survived and even better has flowered this week with a large and healthy bloom.  I am so pleased that I have been able to keep it going and I must curb my enthusiasm to put these plants outside too early.

I am pleased to report that most of the bulbs sent over by Mark for my Christmas present have survived and have put on growth of about six inches so far.  I probably planted them at the wrong time but am hopeful that we might get a couple of blooms out of them this year.  I have also seen some evidence that the narcissi that came from Mums have also survived but are only small and according to Dad they would normally be in flower by now.

We may not be able to give Dads leg much exercise by we can certainly make sure that his brain gets plenty as we have our daily noms challenge!

We managed to get hold of Mum on Skype tonight - she is back at my sisters house having spent the weekend staying up at my niece's house.

She says that she is having a lovely time and that everyone has gone out of their way to make sure she does.  Before we know it, it will be time to pick her up from Paphos airport.  I have agreed with Dad that if he is still struggling that I will drive down to Paphos with him and take him to the airport and forego the pleasure of dinner with Running John and Susan.  John could still go on his own but I expect he will come to Paphos with us instead if the need arises.

I am also going to do the nice daughter thing and make something for he and Mum to eat on Sunday as I am guessing Mum will be tired and wont want to have to do too much and none of the shops will be open anyway.

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