Friday, 1 February 2013

Thursday 24th January...

So last night we decided that we really ought to check out the sofa bed for size and comfort and it did seem a shame to waste a lovely fire so we found out one of the duck down toppers and a fitted sheet and grabbed the duvet and pillows off of our bed, together with a very startled Chivers who was mega confused, and then we all settled down for the night.  The cats loved it and John slept like a log although to be fair he could sleep on a washing line in a force ten gale but I struggled with the mantle clock ticking, the lamp timer switch ticking, the fridge motor kicking in and out and various other miscellaneous noises that I wasn't familiar with.  Apart from that SMASHING!!!  It will certainly give us another option if we have people that suddenly want to stay overnight.

It was another glorious day and the sun coming up this morning was stunning.  We were off down to Mum and Dad's today - pickleball this afternoon and a meal at Eileen's (Nanny Wade) this evening.  On the way down Mum had asked us to pick up her new water cooler from the Outlet Store and we wanted to get some wine from Kolios for us and for Trevor, plus we were looking for a red rug for the lounge and a new scratching post for the cats.  We drew a blank on the rug as we couldn't find anything the right colour and the scratching posts were extortionately priced.

Whilst we were playing pickleball John took the car for a clean inside and out for the princely sum of €5!!  He took a look around Paphos for a rug and a table and a scratching post and he drew a blank as well!  We may have to go farther afield so I can see our trip to Nicosia on the bus coming sooner rather than later!

We were round at Nanny Wade's for tea.  She lives just down the road from Mum and Dad.  They used to live next door but one when they both had a maisonette in Chloraka at Mediterranean Valley and they have known one another for twenty odd years.  By which I mean more than 20 years not that they have been odd!!!

She had cooked a lovely slow cooker sausage casserole and followed it with a scrummy crumble pudding pie thing (courtesy of Lidl but which I said she should have passed off as her own!)

Nanny Wade has a very special cat - Tinker - Tinker is blind, completely blind but you would never realise it the way she runs around and tonight she decided to eat Dad's shoelaces!  Tinker is ideal for Eileen as she is completely happy to be an indoor cat living in a first floor flat - she loves the balcony - it is her outside space and she seems to know exactly where her boundaries are which is amazing.

So here are Mum and I - all scrubbed up for our night out.  I even managed to get out of my leggings and wear a dress for the occasion!! 

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