Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wednesday 30th January...

The beautiful pink skies last night, which we had hoped were heralding some lovely weather for today, failed miserably because when I woke up and went across to the kitchen we had the lovely Droushia rolling mists and you could not see your hand in front of your face - it was grey miserable and cold - so much more like January weather than last week.

The weather did begin to clear and by the time that Dad actually surfaced (about 10.30am!!!) the sun was shining and the view was more apparent!  I had decided not to go to craft today as Dad was staying with us and we had thought we might go out at some point today to get some fresh air so we were hopeful that the brightening in the weather would continue.  However, when we looked down to the coast it was one of the few days when Argaka was not bathed in sunshine in fact we could see the weather was coming in from the sea and the sunshine would soon disappear.

Disappear it did and we then had hard rain and hail to contend with.  Vix had text earlier in the day to say that they had been out with the dog earlier and got soaked - it reminded them of being back in the UK.  They had been so incredibly lucky to move in when the weather was fine and dry.

During one of the dry spells we got our coats on ready to go out down to Polis and by the time we were ready it was pouring with rain and so we decided to knock that on the head.

Minnie most definitely has the hump with us as she hates having the gunk put in her ears and we struggled to inject the liquid antibiotic into her mouth.  She is nervous and skittish at the best of times but this is making her even worse.

She disappeared immediately after we administered her drugs this morning and would not come in again until the fire was lit in the lounge and then we realised she had lost her collar so we had to fight with her to put a replacement on.

We are concerned that she is getting less and less comfortable with what is going on and may vote with her feet - John is the only one she will cuddle normally and now she is giving him a stiff ignoring which is not a good sign.

When our trip out was rained off we decided to stay in the conservatory with the heater on an watch some documentaries about Borneo which I had found - periodically we had to get the towels out as it began to rain quite hard and it still comes in under the front door and through the window handles.

Chivers now seems to be 100% recovered and loves it when we are in as he spends the whole day with us enjoying the company and the warmth.  He seems to know that there is something amiss with Minnie as he keeps licking her ears and her face - that is when he isn't biting her neck!!!

We decided that we would go out for tea tonight and so took ourselves off to Fitos.  When we arrived two of the Lunching Ladies and their husbands were in there.  We were then joined by two Brits who were on holiday staying at the Akamas Spa and who had hired bikes from Wheelie Helen and Al.  Finally Paul (Coaches Dave) came in for a takeaway!

On returning home we all sat down, stayed awake and watched War Horse.  Interestingly my great grandfather used to take horses to and from the trenches in the first world war.  We enjoyed the film although it wasn't as sad or gorey as I had anticipated.

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