Saturday, 9 March 2013

Friday March 1st...

After yet another really bad night's sleep I was woken by the sound of Minnie Mou sitting on John's chest tapping his face with her paw and giving a pathetic mew to let him know that she was hungry.  She doesn't do it to me.  She gives me a stiff ignoring and looks at John with big doe eyes!  I got up and fed her and she then disappeared outside to play - beating the hell out of my ornamental grass.

Chivers is recovering from his recent scalping although it is clear that as it begins to clear it is really really irritating him and he is scratching it all the time and making it bleed.  John is concerned as to whether or not we may need to slap on some suntan lotion for him until the fur grows back, if it ever does!  I have to thank Wheelie Helen who has given me some lotion that she used on her cat Bas when he had the abscess, apparently it creates some sort of protective film over the wound.

After a lazy morning I went down to Polis with John so that I could do some shopping while he played badminton.

We stopped off at the village to check the post - nothing very exciting today but Atlantic had sent a copy of the Bike's insurance policy.  We couldn't find it earlier in the week and they looked it up on their system and couldn't see any record of it having gone out so sent another.

As you can see the village was a hive of activity!!!

It was a beautiful day and I was glad to be out getting some fresh air.  The only trouble is that I keep getting caught with a tickle in my throat and end up having a dreadful coughing fit so had to be armed with a bottle of water to make sure that I didn't choke.

We got down into Polis in time to catch the bank open and to pick up our passports which I had inadvertently left there on Wednesday.  They were safe and sound but John wasn't overly impressed that I had left them behind.  We also tried to get into the Co-Op bank but every man and his dog (or maybe over here it should be every man and his donkey) were in there, quite possibly because the cashpoint was out of action.

I dropped John off at Badders and then tootled on down towards Latchi.  I had three hours to kill and shopping wasn't going to take that much time so I decided to take some photographs.

I stopped off at La Plage first of all.  La Plage taverna is closed for the winter season so the car park was empty unusually!  If I had been feeling better I might well have done the coast walk as it was such a beautiful day with some glorious sunshine but I didn't really feel up to it so I got back in the car and carried on up the road until I got to the marina.

I parked up by Porto Latchi and took a wander around the harbour.  There were quite a number of holiday makers walking about taking in the view.  Generally you can tell the holiday makers as they are the only nutters wandering around in shorts and flip flops in March but now that Trevor is here and he never feels the cold so is always in shorts and flip flops we can no longer make that generalisation.  Anyway down at the harbour the colours were fantastic with blue blue skies, deep blue seas and the boats and fishing equipment all resplendent in the sunshine.  I have always loved Latchi and today just reinforced the reason why - it is beautiful and right on our doorstep.

I had taken the camera with the long lens on it today.  I don't take it out as often as I should - it is a bit big and a bit heavy to lug around in my handbag but as I am beginning to struggle to find new photographs for the blog I thought I might be able to capture things from a slightly different angle.

I managed to spend a good hour or so down at Latchi and felt good for being outside.  I popped into Molos to make a reservation for my birthday as we want to take Mum and Dad somewhere different and hopefully it will be as good as last time.  Daniel recognised me straight away which is nice - I am referred to as Mrs John which tickles me!  I have ensured that we will be near the fire which should keep Dad happy as he feels the cold.  

I left Latchi and went down into Polis using the back road which passes by the campsite. My first stop was to fill the car and because I asked for my fuel in Greek I ended up having to have a very in depth conversation with the man at the petrol station who lives in Argaka and who has been all over Europe but Argaka is absolutely his most favourite place in Europe ever full stop!!

I then went to Paps to do our shop and bumped into Running Susan and John which helped to kill some time.  I ended up arriving at the Badminton club at just after 3.30pm but John was ready to leave which was just as well as we had promised to drop into Wheelie Helen and Alistair's.

The weather had begun to change when we got Chez-Smeaton's so we couldn't sit outside for our cuppa but it is always lovely and warm in their house so it was nice to be inside.  In fact it was so comfy, and I had had such a poor night's sleep last night I could have shut my eyes and been away with the fairies.  We couldn't stop too long though as I had frozen food in the car.

Friday night has always been our big night in - especially in the UK when John used to come home on a Friday and we would have a nice meal and a bottle of wine - we continue this tradition here in Cyprus so that it marks the start of the weekend - the only trouble is tonight I can see John will be spending it watching a movie and I will be checking my eyelids for pinholes.

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