Sunday, 31 March 2013

Friday March 22nd

The car was not ready this morning as we had hoped so we decided to go back home and make sure that the cats were OK and then go back to Kissonerga this afternoon providing the car was ready.  We worry about the cats when we leave them but when we arrived back home they were both there in the conservatory waiting to be fed.  We realised that Minnie Mou had lost her collar which meant that she had been unable to get into the kitchen so she was rather miffed with us - so miffed that she gave us a right old run round when we tried to put on new collar on her. 

John was due to play badminton today and as usual I went to do our shopping.  I had tried to get money out of the Co-op cashpoint in Peyia to no avail and the one in Polis was also empty as were the bars and cafes in the square - it was such a beautiful warm morning as well - it is a shame.  I headed off to Paps to stock up on as much as I could although we are limited to space in the fridge and freezer - still tinned foods are a good standby - plus I needed to make sure I had food for the cats.  Paps were still taking a card for payment but I had enough cash and we aren't exactly sure what the balance is on our accounts at the moment - fairly low as we have tried to remove as much as we have been allowed.  The waiting game as to what the future holds is beginning to drag on and take its toll.  Everytime we seem to be given a deadline for a decision it comes and goes without resolution.  We are unable to pay the deposits on the holiday accommodation for John's family and to be honest at the moment we wonder what they will find if and when they come in August.  It is all very worrying.

John did not stay too long at badminton as we had a call to say that the car would be ready for us to collect after lunch.  We left a warm but hazy Polis and as we climbed the hill the weather began to deteriorate so that we encountered rolling mists and very very strong winds - soon to be followed by heavy rain, thunder, lightening and a power cut.

As we made our way to pick up the car and came down from the hills the weather began to improve but if you tried to look back at where we had just come from it was as black as your hat - the weather was certainly reflecting the mood of the island.  Grey and unsettled.

There must be money in running a garage if the car outside is anything to go by - either that or someone couldn't pay their bill and left the car instead!  We had not been lucky with the fuel gauge as apparently there are three options depending on the model of CRV and ours was the most expensive option - hence a part had had to come via Akis taxi and hence the delay in getting it fixed.  

We set off back home along Banana Bay where the palm trees were getting a right old buffeting and the seas were very choppy indeed.  John swung by Peyia to make sure the car was topped right up as they had lost a little fuel when they had to take the tank out.  We are being advised to keep the cars topped up as much as possible and most of the garages are taking cash only.

We had electricity off and on when we got home and we had to run round and batten down the hatches making sure that the outside furniture would not get blown away or do any damage.  We were in for a rough night.

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