Sunday, 3 March 2013

Saturday February 23rd - Happy Birthday Janet and Happy Birthday Michael

The best laid plans of mice and men...

...we were scheduled to go down to Paphos this evening and catch up with Photographer Nicky and her husband Mark and to have our first Indian here in Cyprus at Poppadoms but as the day wore on Nicky succumbed to some sort of lurgy (people are dropping like flies here at the moment) and so we had a phone call late afternoon to ask if we could postpone.  To be honest John still isn't fighting fit and we really want to go to Poppadoms when we are able to really appreciate it so we were happy to rearrange.

We had another cr*p night's sleep - John's lurgy seems to return with a vengeance at night - so we were awake at some god awful hour with both cats playing 'bite our toes' through the bedclothes and I got up and fed them seemingly before the sun had got up but on closer inspection it was one of those 'can't see your hand in front of your face' days and it remained like that nearly all day apart from the times when it absolutely bucketed down and that was when Dad's walking group were supposed to be up here walking from Tera to Kritou Tera.

Fluffer has been missing for a couple of days - either that or she hadn't liked the fact that I have been giving her the food that Chivers turns his nose up at!  So we were very pleased to see her little face pressed up at the kitchen door this morning waiting for some breakfast.

She didn't seem to mind the leftovers this morning as she cleaned her bowl and then vocalised her desire for more - in no uncertain terms - and so she got a bowl of biscuits as well which was duly emptied and then she turned tail and buggered off back up the road, returning later when it was particularly wet and unpleasant and took up residence in the box under John's workbench.

She is very sweet and if we could only get Chivers and Minnie Mou to accept her we would have her indoors - the only trouble is that if it happened at the moment it would be carnage and I wouldn't have an ornament, chair or rug left.  

She is, no doubt, ticking off the days until Shaun and Sharon come back out because she then makes herself very firmly at home at 12b and Shaun and Sharon would be upset if she didn't!

Although it was grey and miserable the conservatory was reasonably warm and so we set ourselves up in there, John was having a sport fest watching the six nations rugby and listening to the Mighty Blades claw their way back to the top of the table after a 1-0 victory over the Cherries (Bournemouth) - sorry Keith!!  and, once we knew we weren't going out for the evening, we battened down the hatches even further drawing the curtains to shut out the murk.

I don't mind sport, in fact I rather like a good game of football (emphasis on good) and I don't mind a bit of horse racing or boxing for that matter but Wheelie Helen had lent me a book last night.  It came with her highest recommendation and so I settled down on the sofa with a G&T and the book.  First impressions are very good - the author is billed as the new Stieg Larsson (whose books I LOVED) and I can see why.  I haven't settled down to read a book more than about twice in all the time we have been over here permanently and I made good inroads into this one.

On the subject of a G&T Chivers thought he might just like to try one - he certainly wasn't put off by the smell that is for sure.  In fact he likes to check out just about anything that we are going to eat or drink.  We are having to give him regular back scratches at the moment as his wound is scabbing up and driving him mad.  Periodically we take the scissors to the scabs as they lift and remove what we can and then give him a good slug of iodine stuff on top to make sure he avoids any sort of infection.  

After practically a whole afternoon of sport John suggested we rounded off the evening with a film and said I could choose.  One of the films that we had offered when we went round to Crafty Jane's the other week for a film-fest and curry was A Fantastic Fear of Everything with Simon Pegg.  I have seen quite a few films starring Simon Pegg and have always enjoyed them - Run Fatboy Run springs to mind as one of the best so I was quite looking forward to watching this.  After about the first half hour John and I looked at one another with raised eyebrows and grimaced.  Undaunted we decided we had to watch it to the end which we did and still looked at one another with raised eyebrows.  John says he had nightmares about mixed wash accident 'Y' fronts and to be honest 'PANTS' best describes this movie!

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