Sunday, 17 March 2013

Saturday March 9th - Happy Birthday to Me...

It was my birthday today and John, ever the romantic, got me the card on the left bless him.  I suppose I should have felt flattered because usually we don't bother with cards at all!

In fact I had quite a number of cards and good wishes via email from friends and family and several still to arrive so my celebrations will be extended into next week. 

My friends had been so kind and I had some lovely gifts.  Vicki had made me the gecko on the stone, Sheila and Klaus had bought me a bracelet and Helen and Jane had given me a voucher so that I could have a facial.  I had to laugh because on the envelop it said "its never to late to look good" so I guess there is hope for me yet.

Mum and Dad were coming up this evening and staying over tonight as it is Mother's Day tomorrow and then they will stay Sunday night and make their way back home on Monday.  Shelia has an appointment on Monday morning so there will be no art so Mum and Dad do not have to rush off.

John wanted us to have roast lamb tomorrow and cook it like Joanni had done when she had marinated it for 24 hours in yoghurt and it was absolutely delicious - I had bought a piece in Paps yesterday but when we got it out to prepare we just didn't think it was going to be big enough to I had to dispatch John down to Polis double quick to get some more which he did but he wasn't double quick as every man and his dog was at the meat counter in Paps - most of whom gave the ticket system a stiff ignoring!

With the lamb duly slathered in yoghurt and tucked up in the fridge we decided to do a bit of gardening as it was the most glorious day with plenty of sunshine.  The rose which Mum and Dad bought me (and which is still in full bloom) needed to be found a permanent home and we wanted to put it somewhere where we might be able to take advantage of the scent. We finally decided to position it next to the decking by the gazebo so that hopefully when it is warm enough to sit out there and eat the rose will be in bloom.  I only hope that this one manages to survive better than the other rose I have in the garden!

As you know I went present shopping with Vicki on Thursday and I was instructed by John to buy myself something for my birthday.  I decided upon a silk blouse in a vibrant turquoise which I thought would look really nice with a pair of white linen trousers on a night out when it is just a little warmer.  The photograph doesn't really do it justice as it is light as a feather and falls beautifully in drapes.  It is by Gizia Couture which apparently is a Turkish designer label.  I was a bit taken aback to find it was Turkish!  Still it was an absolute bargain and I shall look forward to a time when I can wear it.

It is nearing the end of the ENAD football season and they were playing at home today so I said I thought John should go which meant that I could spend the afternoon with Mum and Dad.  John went and picked up Trevor and Running John.  Trevor is beginning to feel a bit better and I must admit that last night I barely coughed at all.

Mum and Dad arrived shortly after John left - they said that for once the weather in Droushia was better than it had been in Paphos as it had clouded over there lunchtime.  We waited for John to arrive back from footie and a win for the mighty ENAD before changing to go out for my birthday meal.

We had booked asking to sit next to the log fire in Molos and the restaurant was true to its word and we were almost sat on top of it!  We had a lovely evening and the food was excellent - the alcohol was pretty good too because by the time I got home I was more than a tad squiffy and to be honest I don't really remember going to bed - apparently I just took myself off!

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