Monday, 11 March 2013

Sunday March 3rd...

March has started out quite chilly so far.  Well at least the locals think so as they are going about their business dressed for arctic conditions!

The new road next door is not open for traffic but a couple of the kids from the top of the village or maybe even Inea come down doing wheelies on their buzz bikes and this guy resolutely mounts the pavement at the far end and rides up on his bike at a steady 5km an hour - so slow it is a wonder he manages to keep the bike upright!  The sound of his engine shattered my Sunday morning peace and quiet.  Still, it is preferable to the sound of gunshots which is what we normally get on a Sunday but apparently the hunting season is now finished and the reason we heard shots on any old day last week is because on the last week they can shoot more or less when they want.  

We had arranged to go down to see Nessa and Dave Coaches (Elaine and Paul) in Akourdaleia this morning for a quick cuppa and to pick up our wedding invitation.  We had meant to call in last Sunday after lunch at the Blue Olive but I had felt so poorly so quickly on the way home that we had rung and cancelled and Nessa had been poorly  not that long back so I didn't want to pass anything on.

For some reason John always manages to miss the turning to Akourdaleia as he drives on auto-pilot heading for Paphos and everytime I have to shout to tell him he has gone too far so this photograph is for him so that he can recognise the turning for the next time!

Elaine and Paul have a lovely home with a stunning garden and Elaine (and quite possibly Paul) has an eye for detail and is obviously very artistic so there is great care and thought going into the planting.  It is more sheltered and warmer down where they live so some of the plants she has chosen just wouldn't make it up in Droushia but having seen her display of anemones I am going to get some - I think she said the corms came from the Euroshop - that red at this time of year is stunning and the flower heads were huge.  Elaine and Paul had been planning to hold their reception in the garden but for a number of reasons - not least ladies high heels in the gravel and insufficient ease of access to 'facilities' has meant that some very kind friends in the village with what looks like an equally stunning house and garden are hosting it there.

I spied a whole load of flower pots going begging and immediately thought of Trev so bagged them for him as his seedlings will soon be in need of repotting.

Elaine and Paul have rabbits which they have rescued and nurtured and which were enjoying the run of the sun room.  The one on the right Habibe unfortunately lost an eye but seems to get around pretty well - she gets very jealous if Elaine's attention is taken up by anyone or anything else.  Apparently she is knocking at the door asking for almonds - personally John and I couldn't hear her utter the words 'please can I have some almonds' but Elaine said we just weren't listening hard enough!  I get the impression that these two bunnies have found themselves the best home in Cyprus and will live very pampered lives whilst they are there.

We said goodbye to Paul and Elaine.  The eagle-eyed amongst you may see that Elaine is looking a little different than the last time we saw her.  This is all part of her wedding make-over!

I have a feeling that the wedding is going to be pretty spectacular for a 'small affair'  if the planning and preparation that has gone into it so far is anything to go by.  Elaine has asked me to give her a hand - not sure what with but maybe the reports of the table decorations I did for Ellie have filtered this far!

The wedding is on May 18th which is Mum's birthday so we are going to have to celebrate with her on a different day - don't think she will mind because that way she will have two celebrations as Jane and John are planning to be over here anyway and will no-doubt do something with her on that day.  Let's hope the weather is better than it was last year as I seem to remember it was the first time in twenty odd years that Mum had to have her birthday 'at home' indoors.

On the subject of Mum and Dad we had invited them up for Sunday Lunch and, as Dad has a physio appointment in Droushia tomorrow morning, to stay the night.  We always like to keep Sunday's clear as our family day together - that way if they don't see us at any other time during the week Mum and Dad know that we will be together on a Sunday.  We had decided to cook up the pork roasting joint that I nearly had to serve to Vicki and Trevor in the week and I have to say John found a recipe on the tintyweb where you sat it on a bed of onion, apple, rosemary and cider and it was absolutely delicious - it was accompanied by roastie potatoes which were done to perfection, yorkshires (of course), carrots, leeks, green beans, peas and broad beans.

We managed to get hold of my sister Kaye on Skype.  I'm not sure but I think on count-back that she and Richard are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary shortly.  I seem to remember I was about 18 at the time and with my 53rd birthday fast approaching that would make it 35 years if my maths is correct!  They are celebrating by going of to see the Northern Lights.

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