Friday, 22 March 2013

Wednesday March 13th...

John had to take the car down to Polis this morning because the old girl was getting some new shoes - well tyres actually - all four of them.  After some careful negotiation John managed to get a price which was acceptable and meant he didn't have to go down to Paphos to get them and, as it transpired, Savvas who was providing the tyres was, in fact, our 'neighbour' as he lives just down the road in Droushia and is the house that has five dogs and a Goodyear Van parked outside which figures!

Savvas advised John to go and get the tracking done - apparently the wear on the tyres indicated that we had a problem and suggested his friend down in Paphos when we were next going (which is tomorrow as it happens) and then to drive it for a couple of days and then go back on Monday to have them balanced.

Savvas speaks little English but probably more than John does Greek and he had difficulty trying to explain where Theo the Tracking man was located.  This is the map that he gave John - there are no reference points at all.  

We know that the main road is the Mesoghi Avenue but as to which crossroads he is referring to lord only knew.  We were going to have fun and John said it would be an ideal opportunity for me to practice my Greek.  This would mean an early start in the morning as John wanted to get the tracking sorted before we did anything else in Paphos just in case it took us hours to find the place and then when we did that it took a long time for the tracking to be sorted.  Not only that but we had received a phonecall from Dave Coaches asking for a hand with something so John had arranged to go to Akourdalia first thing - best the alarm is set I think!

Stop Press but shhhhhhh as I don't want to upset Mum - the narcissi are out and look and smell lovely - they seem to have thrived after their move and I hope that they will continue to go from strength to strength and multiply.  They were dancing in the warm breeze that was around this morning along with blue skies and very pleasant temperatures.  Shorts weather and so soon!

For a number of reasons I have not been to Neo Chorio for craft for ages.  Jeannette's health deteriorated quite considerably over Christmas - she had put it down to her deep vein eczema but on going back to the UK she was diagnosed with a problem with her auto-immune system and she is now receiving medication and treatment which seems to be working miraculously.   Of course then we had Dad with us for three weeks and I was poorly and before I knew it, it was March.

Vicki kindly drove and we spent the morning and early part of the afternoon sat outside enjoying the wonderful weather and accompanied by the songs of birds which reminded us of summer evenings back in the UK on one of those rare days when the sun might have been shining.  We were joined by Pauline and Chris - well eventually joined by Chris who had phoned earlier in the morning to say that she had locked herself out!  Jeannette was in fine form and is obviously benefiting from the regime that she is on.  It was good to see her and to be able to sort out her blogging issues which were minor thank goodness!

On returning home I was met by Chivers looking resplendent in his turtle-neck mark 103!  John had momentarily removed it earlier today and Chivers had immediately scratched a raw patch again.  I see that I could buy purpose made cat jumpers on the internet and may have to if this goes on for much longer!  

John had got the tyres done and had been to have a look at the disabled friendly apartments in Polis which his Mum and stepfather are hoping to stay in later in the year.  John said that although they are not overly impressive from the outside they are spotlessly clean and very functional with regard to wheelchair users.  He also said that Eva who met him was delightful.  It is hard to try and second guess someone else's opinion of the accommodation and we hate to recommend things!

A glorious day turned into a spectacular evening with skies on fire.  The sun was certainly going down well - we have high hopes for tomorrow although the rolling mists that have just started to pass through makes us wonder if the weather forecast for a fine day again tomorrow might be wrong.

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