Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sunday April 14th...

The children were conspicuous by their absence this morning.  No Chivers pinning our legs to the mattress and no Minnie Mou glowering at us because she wanted feeding - this was strange.  John went out to investigate to find the two of them snuggled up on a chair in the conservatory.  It has been a long time since they have slept together - Chivers normally jumps on MM and gives her a cuffing or bites her these days!  They were sat as though waiting to order their breakfasts although Chivs seemed to be having trouble keeping his eyes open!

More news on the GSC's (Greater Spotted Cuckoos) as we now know that there are most definitely four of them in the vicinity and I would say that, looking at the size of them, it is two nesting pairs although John says that the racket they make would indicate it is one male and three nagging females!  Anyway they continue to laugh at us as we try and capture them nearby but fail miserably!

We were going down to Emba for lunch with Mum and Dad today and had arranged that we would meet Mum at the Duckpond Market beforehand.  We had a couple of things that we wanted to do first and top of the list was to put the curtains around the gazebo.  The curtains are ok but the nets are a bit frail.  I have had to repair them a couple of times - once when Chivers decided to use them as a step ladder and secondly when one of those huge locust grasshopper things got caught inside and tried to eat its way out!

It will be so nice to be able to use that space again for eating outside.  On a day like today, with such beautiful sunshine and a warm breeze, it is a lovely spot to sit and eat or just sit and take in the scenery.

The field next door is full of poppies - they have flowered earlier this year and are now nearly over but they still look lovely.  I had thought that this Spring was warmer and more settled than last year but looking back at last year's weather on the blog I am not so sure.

I managed to pick some wild asparagus that was growing up over the fence and waving at me - no need to go foraging very far!!!!  John suggested taking it down for Dad which I thought was a nice idea but I forget to take it with me which was a shame.

Having got the things done which we wanted to do we set off down to Emba.  It was such a lovely morning and the views from Droushia down through Peyia and along the coast were stunning.

It was chaos when we got to the Market - there were cars everywhere so John dropped me off and went in search of a parking space.

The first people we bumped into at the market were Mum and Dad's neighbours Dave and Rosie (Rosie is the lady who very kindly cuts my hair).  They had had one of their annual turfings out and were hoping to make a euro or two from their efforts.  This photo tickles me as they seem to be sitting behind their alter egos although Rosie's would need considerably bigger buns than she does! I don't know how they did but at least they had picked one of the better days to be sitting at the market.

Lunch today was a particular Tregunna favourite as we had Mum and Dad's homemade Cornish Pasties which are a real treat at any time and should not be confined to Boxing Day in my opinion.  This was followed by homemade marmalade bread and butter pudding (Delia's recipe) which, apart from the peel which I don't like, was delicious so thanks Mum xxx

We always go home laden with goodies, things which Mum has got for me by way of shopping in shops that are near her which we do not have in Polis, things which Mum has sorted through and no longer wants so we give to Irene to sell and other things which Mum thinks we might be able to make use of and for which we are extremely grateful.  We are embracing the bartering society during these lean times and so Mum and Dad have picked a whole load of mespillas which I am delivering to Orexi Elena in return for a jar of her fantastic marmalade for Dad.

We had a lovely afternoon and got home at a reasonable time to enjoy the remains of the day.  The cats were in and ravenous!  Another day done and weekend nearly over.

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