Thursday, 18 April 2013

Wednesday April 3rd...

We are still without internet and home phone and today it got even worse. 

We had been given notification of a power cut which was to take place on Thursday 4th April from eight o’clock in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon.  The timings don’t usually mean that you are off for the duration but that your supply will be interrupted during these times.  Not a problem as Thursday John and I are having a DIY day so would be getting dirty, no-one would see us, no need for early showers or anything but at 8.00am this morning I heard the unmistakable sound of the electric going off.

The last time we had a cut scheduled between 8.00am and 2.00pm it was the week before last and the power went off at about 8.30 for just a short period so we weren’t unduly worried but as time went on we were still without power.  A text to both Sheila and Running Susan ascertained that they were unaffected which was strange so a call to the Electricity Board was in order.  The woman I spoke to said she had no idea why we had been notified of the cut taking place on 4th as it had always been scheduled to take place today and the works were major and so it would not be on until at least 2.00pm.

BUGGER – ladies lunch day and I was going to be going looking like Wurzel Gummidge.  In fairness both Sheila and Susan offered me their bathrooms but it is just such a pain to have to traipse off with all your stuff under your arm.  Worst still I had nothing ironed to wear!  John said I would have to endure the first outside shower of the year and I agreed I would give it a go.  John said I should wait as long as possible to allow the water in the pipe to be heated by the sun but sods law meant that it was another overcast but warm day and not the bright sunshine required for a decent amount of hot water for the outside shower.

There was nothing for it but to spend this morning working on the garden until Mum and Dad arrived for lunch (Mum coming with me and Dad going with John).

The wood was delivered from the woodyard but John really couldn’t do much with it as he had no power for his chop saw or drill.  He did manage to cut and put up the shelf for the ‘just by the kitchen door herbs’ and then the battery ran out on the cordless drill.

I busied myself cutting back the herbs which have gone wild and which will get very leggy if left too long without a haircut.

We had a text from Vicki to let us know that their trip to immigration had been successful which is good news and one less thing for them to worry about.  They were apparently down in Paphos with Jane buying some chickens which were more likely to provide them with eggs than their current four and Trevor was going to bed them in and forego lunch with John and Dad.

Eventually the time came when John thought there might be enough warm water for me to shower – it was warmish initially then there was a burst of cold before a long enough stream of warm water enough to let me shower and wash my hair – I had no means of drying it but it would at least be clean and a bit of gunk and some suitably positioned hair slides meant it didn’t look too bad in the end.

Lunch today was at Yianni’s in Kathikas which is a bit of a favourite with the ladies.  He had set up our table in a square.  This is so much better for making people feel included and there was a good turnout of 15 people to help swell his coffers.  I had kept it simple – no special menu or deal – just choose from the menu and pay for what you had.

Mum really likes coming because it enables her to meet new people and they all make her welcome.  She always sits next to someone different and today seemed to have plenty to talk about to ‘Lady’ Val from the village.  She must be talking to Crafty Jane about her recent carpal tunnel operation.  Jane can sympathise having had hers done fairly recently.  Jane and Vicki only just made it after their chicken shopping expedition and poor Helen got stuck at the bank and had to phone her order through.  Anyway I think people enjoyed themselves.  Next month we are going to have to alter the date slightly otherwise it coincides with Cypriot Easter and yet more bank holidays.    

Normally Mum and Dad would stay over after lunch but tonight John, Running John and Trevor were off to the football cup final to watch the mighty ENAD and initially we had thought about wives going down to Polis as well and having a meal but that was before the time of the game was set at 7.00pm.  

Mum and I went for a coffee at Sheila’s before returning home.  I forgot to thank Klaus for the lovely plant he had brought with him when he dropped Sheila off at ours before lunch (must remember to do it on Monday) and I also need to thank Lucie for some lovely free range eggs which she brought with her to the lunch.  Mum was chuffed to bits to take home half a dozen.

So Mum and Dad stayed long enough to have a game with us – we need to keep the grey matter working although John is convinced we haven’t got a clue and win by luck and not judgment!  He enrolled the help of Chivers but this didn’t prove to be successful as Mum still managed to win and John came in as drag arse!

As I write this John is down in Polis watching the Mighty ENAD – he will be cursing the fact that he didn’t take a brolly as it is currently piddling down with rain – a short shower I think and it may not go as far down the hill as Polis so he could be ok.  His newly purchased ENAD scarf will do nothing to keep him warm as it was produced for a small child looking at the size of it.

Fortunately the electricity is back on otherwise I was in for a very boring night – still no internet or phone so I am reduced to watching a DVD (perhaps I should have farmed myself out somewhere) – still not much news on John’s Mum either – fingers crossed we will know more tomorrow.

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