Wednesday, 15 May 2013

April 29th...

We had an early morning trip down to Polis and to the bank.  This was going to prove interesting as the rules and regulations relating to banking over here change on a daily basis.  Interest rates have been slashed and trying to bring money in or take money out can be problematic.  No-one is entirely sure why such a harsh stance has been taken on Cyprus - if it was the fear of rampant money laundering it would appear that those fears were unfounded as Cypriot procedures in that area have been deemed to be no worse than some and better than others.  Tomorrow will be an import day as the parliament has to vote in favour of the bail-out agreement and this could be a close run thing.

Anyway after a bit of a struggle we managed to do what we wanted at the bank and made our way back to Droushia passing by the major roadworks being carried out in Prodromi.  There is so much going on you could be forgiven for wondering if anyone has actually got their handle on the project!  What is clear is that it is causing bedlam and must be hammering the poor businesses along the route as it is nigh on impossible to stop and go in.  Having said that, Running John was on his way back from town the other day and in a queue of traffic when the car in front stopped - a guy got out and went into the bookies holding up the traffic - did what he wanted to do and then calmly got back in the car and went back on his merry way unconcerned about the growing queue behind!

We stopped off on the way back in the village to check out the post - life goes on pretty much as normal here and there is an interesting mix of old and new.  You still see the older generation Cypriots living their lives pretty much the way they have always done.

Nothing much in the post today we are waiting for our Android TV Boxes which we ordered and which we are hoping to use to free up the two laptops that currently provide us with our TV.  Mark in Arodes uses one reasonably successfully so we have our fingers crossed and at least we will have someone to compare notes with.

Sharon and Sean's water bill was in the box and as they had left us with money I went in to pay it and to ask Marianna whether or not anything was happening in the village for Easter - she said she hoped so and that there was meeting tonight in the village to make a decision.  Poor Marianna was up to her eyes in accountancy homework and it was in English - she tells me she needs the qualification for her job and she has two more examinations to go.

My trip back down to the village and to Sheila and Klaus's was slightly delayed as there was a snake on the road outside the tyre man's house.  To begin with I thought I was dead and had been run over but when I got out to take a photograph it suddenly spotted me and shot back down into the undergrowth.  These big black whip snakes are not dangerous but they look pretty impressive.

Back at art I am continuing to work on my little sea-horse picture and I am making good progress - I can see this being completed next week if I manage to stop chatting to Sheila long enough but I am in no rush because a completed picture means I have to start on a new one!

If I embark on reproducing the hermit crab print that I have found as my next project I have said to Sheila and Klaus that I will have to move in if I want to see it completed in a reasonable timescale as it looks pretty detailed to me!

It is Cypriot Easter this weekend with Friday, Monday and Tuesday as bank holidays apparently.  I shall still be meeting up with Sheila on Monday as neither of us have anything planned for this weekend and its celebrations.  

The following week Sheila has her great friend Heather coming to stay so there will be no art for me then.  Fingers crossed that this stunning weather continues during her stay as Sheila says that Heather is in need of some real rest and recuperation.

We were having lunch outside today in Sheila and Klaus's lovely garden which is coming into its own at the moment.  Today they had the biggest hummingbird moth I have ever seen collecting nectar from the sage flowers.  It took me ages to get a half decent picture and you probably cant get a feel for the size from here but the wingspan was a good 10 centimeters if not more.  As always we had a lovely lunch - this time some sort of samosa style parcels with salad which were delicious.
After Art I was meeting up with Wheelie Helen at the Akamas Spa so that we could take advantage of the vouchers we had won by coming second at the quiz.  Helen was going first and had chosen and aromatherapy back massage and I was going for a body polish (all dead skin sloughed off and then deep moisturising).  Apparently everyone should have their body polished so as to show off the new skin.

Whilst waiting for my turn I was taken to the relaxation room which houses some very very comfortable tiled rocking chairs which are heated.   I know it was hot outside but the room itself was air conditioned so the warmth of the chairs was just right.  I helped myself to a herbal tea and shut my eyes for 30 minutes...  Actually I should have gone and got changed into my fluffy robe beforehand as I would have been even more relaxed.  Helen said her massage was excellent so I was looking forward to my treatment and I wasn't disappointed.  My therapist Monica (from Poland) was lovely and knew her stuff.  My whole body was massaged with a seaweed and sea salt concoction which I then showered off and then I was massaged all over again with some body polishing moisturiser - bliss!!

It was a quick turn round as we were having the Happy Campers from last year together for a meal.  We haven't been together like this for ages so it was an absolute bonus that the weather was warm enough for us to sit out and eat our meal and stay out all evening (and in APRIL!).  The food seemed to go down well - I do love cooking and feeding people who like their food or at least like my food!

Helen and Jane have got their loofah seeds in readiness for our loofah growing competition.  I will give Trevor his tomorrow.  We are going to have a beauty parade of loofae (is that the collective term???) later in the year - I am amazed because I thought that they were sea creatures!!

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  1. You should be very proud of your seahorse, and the photo of the hummingbird moth was very professional.Well done.