Monday, 27 May 2013

May 15th - Happy 30th Birthday to my Godson and Nephew Matthew...

I woke rather jaded this morning - it had been a relatively late night by our standards as we had called in to catch up with Sean and Sharon once they had got themselves unpack and settled.  It is good to see them again (and sooner than we had expected due to work commitments).  I love it when they come as Sharon always manages to bring me things which I cannot find, or will not pay for, over here.  Today I have Easy Chili and vanilla pods in the kitchen cupboards, some Shock Waves hair stuff and (thanks to a fab discount website she knows) a Monsoon maxi-dress.  This has reminded me to look in the fridge at the Chocolate stocks - Asda Fruit and Nut running dangerously low - must ask my sister Kaye to bring me out some otherwise I shall turn into the incredible Hulk (or is that Sulk).  You wouldn't like me when my serotonin levels are low.

My camera has been playing up and I couldn't get it to focus this morning.   This is a worry as I cannot live without my camera.  After doing some investigation it would appear that the standard lens which came with the Canon and which I use the most has given up the ghost - thank goodness it is not the camera.  

I was off to Jeannette's for craft this morning.  I wanted to go because I still have to complete the Lazy Susan that I started ages and ages ago and I couldn't go last week because it was Ladies Lunch.  

I couldn't stay for Lunch at Jeannette's today as we had been asked by Elena if we could take her daughter Amora to ballet and her son Rabia to football training.  She had text from her hospital bed so how could I refuse?  Not that we would have refused anyway - we have told her to ask if she needs anything doing and we will do our best to oblige.

Vicki came today with her new little puppy Mads in tow.  Her first outing to Neo Chorio and her first encounter with Jeannette's two dogs Dooley and Winston.  Mads short life as a Paphiakos rescue dog seems to have prepared her well when it comes to socialising with other dogs.  She seemed to hold her own and obviously caught the eye of Winston.  Winston is a small black poodle who was originally Jeannette's dog but who swapped his allegiance and is now Graham's dog.

Winston obviously found Mads very easy on the eye and set off in hot pursuit at every opportunity - even though he has been 'done' it didn't stop him creeping up on Mads from behind and giving her a rather too close for comfort dog welcome (if you get my drift).  Cold water in a bucket was nearly required!

Mads seemed pretty unconcerned by it all and settled herself under Vix chair and ultimately fell asleep allowing Vix a little time to herself and her craft.  Vicki said she had brought it not anticipating getting anything done so anything she did do was a bonus.

I know I have said it before but this little puppy couldn't have found itself a better home and once she has been spayed and they don't have to watch out for any amorous advances from their Springer Murphy then she is going to have a brilliant life in Pano Arodes.

Vicki and Trevor had better make sure that if they go to another dog show they keep a firm control on their emotions otherwise I can see them getting smitten all over again!  The only trouble is that there are just too many lovely dogs on this island in need of a caring home and sometimes it is just too hard to refuse them.  Same goes for cats - we have said NO MORE.

It was a smaller group at Jeannette's than the last time we went but we were lucky enough to be able to sit outside.  The weather was a million percent better than yesterday with some lovely sunshine.

It was lovely to see Pat at the group - I haven't seen her for a while and I know that she has been through a rough time of late.  Her brother died pretty unexpectedly and her mother died very unexpectedly whilst on holiday here in Cyprus with Pat - sadly she had come to get over her son's death so this made it even more tragic.

Jeannette was fantastic helping me to get my project finished and advising on the best colour for the grouting and making sure that I made the best possible job of it as I could.  Unfortunately some of the grey tiles in the centre that form the background around the flowers had not stuck down flat so the finish is not as smooth as it could or should have been.  John likes it and that is all that matters so I think we may well use it when the need arises.

As I said I couldn't stay for lunch today although the view was looking very inviting - I had a good excuse and said my goodbyes and headed back home calling into Latchi on my way as I was in search of a photo frame.

I managed to find exactly what I wanted in Roberts Supermarket and it was reduced to €3 which was a bargain.

I have got into making pebble pictures and I had decided I wanted to make one to give Elaine and Paul as a present on Saturday.

I had got everything ready in advance - I just needed a suitable frame and to grout in the pebbles and it was done.  I did it in the evening after we had done our taxi duties for Rabia and Amora.

I think it looks nice and I hope they like it - as Elaine is arty farty I thought she might appreciate the individuality of it - they can always hang it in the loo!

Elena's children were fantastic this afternoon - I didn't take the camera because for some reason it felt wrong to be taking photographs of them although I wish I had as Rabia is now sporting a very grown up haircut which he had done in the village before Elena went into hospital.  He looks quite the young man now!  John stayed to watch him play quite a bit of his football.  I think Rabia appreciated the support and when I pitched up with Amora after her ballet lesson we were there in time to see him save a Penalty which meant his team won the mini game at the end of the training session.

We were really pleased when we got home to have an update on Elena from her friend.  She has responded well and has even said she is ready for visitors - we think she is likely to be inundated so will wait until she is back home in Droushia.  Fingers crossed that she will be back here soon.

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