Wednesday, 29 May 2013

May 19th - Congratulations Yeovil Town Football Club...

We were having a house clean and tidy day today because tomorrow we have visitors.  We had arranged ages ago to have Jane and John come tomorrow morning and stay the night after they had been away for the weekend with Mum and Dad.  We wanted to see them and we thought it would give Mum and Dad an opportunity to catch up on things which get left when you have people staying with you.  

Originally Jane and John were going back Tuesday as we had kept Tuesday evening free to celebrate Vicki's birthday with a meal at Meze Meze in Kathikas.  The best laid plans and all that - Meze Meze don't open on a Tuesday so the meal was moved to Monday and by that time we had organised to go to Fitos with Jane and John.  So now with nothing planned for the Tuesday night we suggested that Jane and John stay for another night which suited them as they were walking up near Argaka on Wednesday. 

It does feel good when the house has a good clean - there is just so much dust that accumulates and with solid floors has nowhere to go!  Just goes to prove what dust traps carpets must be!  We were having 'fresh hay' today - clean bedding and we are now down to a sheet and a throw and even that might be too much!

We had studiously kept the cats out of the guest bedroom - although Jane and John are cat lovers themselves our two are moulting like mad and Chivers does like to sit and pick all the burrs out of his fur and spit them all over the place.

No sooner was my back turned than Chivers found the freshly made bed and settled down for a snooze.  

When he disappeared and reappeared later covered from head to toe in grass seeds John decided to take drastic action and pull them all out before Chivers mooched back into the bedroom and did it on the bed.  The burrs are bad enough but these grass seeds are devils to get out as they are barbed so once they get into something you can't just pull them out.  Chivers thought this was a great game and happily lay down to be groomed - try doing that with Minnie Mou - NO CHANCE - we just have to leave her run round like Stig of the Dump.

We did not have a typical Sunday lunch today - opting for the healthy option of a poached chicken salad.  John would happily eat salad every day so he wasn't bothered!  With visitors coming we had to get down to Paps in Polis and stock up.  I wasn't sure what time the supermarket closed on a Sunday so thought it was probably around 4.00pm so we had to shoot off otherwise poor Jane and John wouldn't be getting anything to eat with us!

Actually I know now that the shop doesn't shut until 8.00pm on a Sunday (during the months when it is open on a Sunday) so John was non too impressed that I had made him miss the first half of the League One play off final between Yeovil Town and Brentford.  To be honest I had totally forgotten it was on because I would have happily gone and done the shopping myself.

Yeovil Town had knocked out John's beloved Sheffield United to get to the final but having lived in Yeovil and having gone and watched them play reasonably regularly over the last few years (including on one very special occasion when I bid and won for him a special day in the Directors box) John was rooting for the Glovers to win.  John watched the second half with all its excitement as Yeovil had a 2-0 lead going into the break and then Brentford scored really early on - making a game of it as the pundits would say.  Yeovil Town won - what a fantastic achievement - there will be some mighty clashes in the forthcoming season.  How exciting for the fans.

We were finally catching up with our neighbours Sean and Sharon and resuming the on-going Droushia Lordos 1 cribbage championship.  Franks recently refurbished fold away card table comes into its own on these occasions.  I really must get some new good quality playing cards - even Sharon moaned that they were like dealing toast!  I am blaming the cards for our failure to clinch the first leg of the tournament!

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