Friday, 17 May 2013

May 1st - we begin our third year in Cyprus!!!

Another brilliant start to the day.  The weather at the moment is unseasonably warm and dry - we are not knocking it - it is a taster of what summer is normally like but if the forecasts are to be believed it is set to cool a little next week.

Everything looks so much better when the sun shines and everyone feels better so it makes for a much more pleasant environment throughout.

As I was getting ready to go to Art at Jeannette's this morning John was busy cleaning the pool and had told me to leave the ironing as he would tackle that whilst I was away.

Everything, including ironing becomes a much more pleasant experience (a) when the sun is shining and (b) when you are retired!!

I snuck another load of washing in hopeful that if it went out this morning and dried John would just add it to his ironing pile and bless him that is exactly what he did.

John takes his pool cleaning very seriously.   He doesn't want anyone to swim in our pool and come away with an ear infection or sore throat.  He is teaching me how to understand the readings on his AquaChek machine and what is needed to make sure that the levels are correct.

Today it showed that the Chlorine and pH levels were low and the alkalinity was high.  I just handed John the machine and he decided what chemicals were needed to adjust the levels.  I think, because of the warm weather, we are swimming much earlier this year than last and we are being very methodical about putting the cover on and off to try and make sure that the water is kept as warm as possible.

I left him doing what he needed to do as Vix arrived to take me to Jeannette's where I had to take small table as Jeannette's are all at En Plo this week as she is there for about the eight week running!

I remember the table but I never picked up my box of special mosaic tiles so I left myself a bit short of something to do which wasn't sensible.

It was very busy at Jeannette's when we arrived.  There must be a whole host of people who are now back for the summer.  As a result it was a but if a tight squeeze in under the canopy - to begin with I set my table up in a corner on the periphery but once we all got sorted I managed to get a space on a table with Vix and Jane.  Jane is embarking on her lazy Susan project which is an intricate design which incorporates three spirals - we had to have a really good look at it to make sure that the pattern was correct and she had to make a couple of adjustments but finally got it right.  It will be a stunning piece when completed and I will take a photograph to show you what she has made.

I am now almost embarrassed to show you the lazy Susan that I have done as it looks very simplistic and naive in comparison.  I didn't really think about what I wanted to do and just really wanted to use up some tiles I had knocking about rather than create a masterpiece.  Anyway I managed to finish the grey background and left it out in the sun in the hopes that it would dry sufficiently for me to grout after lunch but to be fair it wasn't dry enough and so I have left it until the next time I go to Jeannette's which will be in two weeks' time.

Walking around Jeannette and Graham's wonderful and fascinated home there are all sorts of bits and pieces of art that inspire you to create or at least try to create something new.

When the weather cools I would love to do some sculpture again - something a bit more exciting than the Brian the Turd I managed previously - I rather fancy a curvaceous fat lady like the one in the photograph - maybe it will be a sort of self portrait - at least it will be if I continue eating the way I am at the moment!

We left Jeanette's and made our way back home.  Vix stopped off to pick up some brown beads that I had which she wanted to use to finish the tissue box that she had started today.

We had to set off down to Paphos as we were picking up Frank from Tremethousa and taking him to Mum and Dad's for a meal to celebrate his 90th birthday - what a milestone and what a lovely and interesting bloke Frank is.  I am sure Dad is going to really miss him when he moves to the UK - Dad will not be the only one as Frank has made a whole raft of friends during his time here in Cyprus.  Sadly not all are here to wish him Bon Voyage but those of us that are will make sure that the trip is as stress free as possible.

Mum had done a lovely meal - there were just the five of us there as Frank didn't want anything too elaborate.  He loved the card that I made him which was great and he loved the company and the simple celebration.  We made sure that he got home safe and sound as did we.

Have met up with Jane and John today - Jane has complained about the blog being so far behind and I agreed with her so I shall be doing two posts some days to catch up a bit.  Will let you know if there are two to read.

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