Thursday, 30 May 2013

May 20th

Our visitors arrived this morning to glorious sunshine and blue skies.  They said that they had had a really lovely time at Ambelikos which had been quaint and friendly - Mum said not too dissimilar to the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn that we had stayed in last autumn.  They had also gone to the Agros Rose Festival as they were up that way.

Jane and John must have been feeling hot as they both braved the pool.  We had managed to get it up to a heady 76 degrees before the heavy rains last week and then it had plummeted to about 65 degrees but John has steadily managed to get the temperature back up - helped by regularly dumping practically boiling hot water from the pipe which runs around the garden.  It really couldn't have been too bad because Jane managed to get in quite quickly and she says that she normally fannies about!

While I was getting lunch prepared John took a seat in T&V corner and was greeted by Chivers who gave him the once over and decided that John was an ok Chap and then proceeded to make himself comfortable under his chair. Minnie Mou gave both Jane and John a stiff ignoring as only she can!

We had a long and leisurely lunch under the gazebo catching up on news of Keinton Mandeville (not that there was much) and deciding what we would do for the duration of their stay which had now been extended until Wednesday.

We then decided it would be nice to go for a stroll around the village to see what was occurring and then to treat ourselves to a cocktail at the Droushia Heights Hotel - now I know that might seem a bit extravagant but John had worked it out that a cocktail was probably better value than a coffee and certainly better value than one of the miniscule bottles of beer that they sell so cocktails it was!

We decided to take the long walk down to the Hotel which meant going out of the top past Sean and Sharon's house and up to the cheese factory then through the village, round the back of the church, along by Stathmos, and past the Post Office.

We stopped en route to check out the AgroTourism place that is being built just up the road.  This project is a mix of renovation and new build and has fascinated us.  The renovated parts look lovely but we are unsure as to why the newly fitted shutter doors seem to open out onto the road - drivers will have to be careful otherwise they might end up with a shattered windscreen!  The little complex is also right next door to the school (and overlooked) which could be interesting!

Anyway we had a leisurely stroll around the village ending up at the Hotel where it was lovely to be greeted by Kelly and by the manager Irene - as our next ladies lunch is being held at the Hotel Irene is desperate to impress so I was treated like a long lost friend with huge hugs and kisses!

It was a perfect evening and sitting out on the terrace looking across the pool to the coast was idyllic with swallows dipping in and out of the water.

We did feel a little underdressed for the surroundings but hey ho we were the only ones there so no-one could complain.

Jane opted for a Pina Colada and I went for a White Russian - the two Johns were sensible and had a frappe each as they were in debate as to who was going to drive later to Fitos's Taverna.  My John insisted that he would drive and he won the argument!

We were sorry that we couldn't join Vicky for her birthday party at Meze Meze because we have since heard it was a fantastic evening but we had already arranged to take Jane and John to Fitos because they were keen to try it.

We had a huge meat feast at Fitos with salad and dips and stuffed vegetables to accompany the chops, sausage, chicken, sheftalia, kebabs etc etc.  This was all washed down with a bottle of the finest Agios Onofrious and our bill was under €40!

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