Saturday, 18 May 2013

May 2nd...

It is unseasonably warm at the moment in fact this morning the weather station was going bananas with an outside temperature at just after 9.00am showing over 40 degrees and an inside temperature of over 26 degrees and inexplicably rain in the top left corner.  Rain?  No sign of it here unless of course there is going to be a thunderstorm due to elevated temperatures.  Fortunately humidity indoors is relatively low which is good.  It was a warm start to a day that we had set aside for sorting - deep joy but with limited storage here we need to be organised and I am not very good at that.

When we were out with Vicki and Trevor the other evening Vix was telling us how good lemon is for cleaning the kettle.  Our water here is very hard and so the kettle is a nightmare.  I never drink to the end of a cup of coffee because I don't want that horrible gritty mouthful you get when the kettle has deposited a whole load of limescale in your cup.  Vix was saying that fresh lemon cut up and boiled and left overnight does a brilliant job and our kettle was in need of a clean so I had come home and done it immediately and then I had thought I would do it for a second time to make absolutely sure.  TOP TIP - tell the husband that there is lemony water sitting in the kettle otherwise your first cuppa of the day will have a very odd taste although after a few sips it became strangely pleasant - maybe lemon coffee could catch on after all.

John is over the moon that our glory hole is now verging on the clinical - more "sleeping with the enemy" OCD tidy if you ask me but now there is a place for everything and everything in its place.  I have to admit it is a joy to be able to open the door and nothing falls out and then to be able to actually close the door rather than push it to and have John moan at me that I am knackering the hinges.  A book is being run on how long it will actually stay like it and who will be the first person guilty of failing to return something to its rightful place.  Living on a ship has clearly left its mark on John!

Buoyed by that feeling of tremendous satisfaction that you get when you have done a job that you have been putting off for ages we decided that, as the weather had rocketed, we needed to sort out our winter clothes and put them away and get our summer ones out.  To be fair we keep a small amount of summer stuff to hand all the year round but re needed to get the bulky jumpers and coats out of the way.  This is a task that involves tipping everything out onto the bed, sorting, folding and packing away.  We do it that way because until the bed is empty we cannot go to sleep!

We got the job done and John even took it to the next level by trying his clothes on - a necessary task as he has lost weight recently and now has a load of shorts which he can only wear with a belt - in fact he can take them off without undoing the buttons!

It was a hot and sticky job so we were really grateful to have the pool to sink into - having put the cover on at night we have managed to raise the temperature and keep it raised so now it isn't quite such a breath-taking experience as it might have been.

In the winter we look at the pool and think about the few months that we manage to use it and wonder if it might not be better to have it filled in and then on days like today we get in that water and just think ourselves so very lucky to have it there.  It has got a reprieve for another year at least!  

John is investigating solar pumps - in fact he is looking at solar/photovoltaic energy supplies in general - this is a good way to go with high electricity prices here and our dependence upon it.  Anything that saves us money has to be a good thing!

We were off down to the Akamas Spa for our second visit to the Quiz - meeting up with Al and Helen but not John and Susan as the last time it proved just too late a night for them as they are up early tomorrow morning working.  We had decided to walk down as it was such a beautiful evening and to take the scenic route down the hill to the Droushia Hills Taverna and along the road.  As we passed by the bottom of our house John noticed that my shed was wide open so had to run across the field and over the fence to go and shut it!  We then bumped into Simon who was being walked by Hector and Cleo - he and Mel and baby Jasmine had escaped up to the hills overnight with friends who are staying with them.

We were not so lucky at tonight's quiz - we clearly missed Susan and John's expertise somewhere along the line!  We managed a pretty creditable third place but that meant no spa treatment vouchers this week - shame!   At the half way stage we were joint first but had a miserable miserable fourth round which was supposed to be geography but was pretty tenuous to say the least!  Not sure we will be able to make the next one as Sean and Sharon will be here and we like to try and spend at least one evening with them!

Just to let you know the Droushia Arodes Loofah growing challenge is ON - we have planted our three seeds opting for the direct into the ground method as loofah seedlings do not relish being transplanted.  We might end up with bendy shaped loofahs but hey who cares?  Measure off/beauty parade will be sometime in October.

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