Thursday, 9 May 2013

Tuesday April 23rd...

I have to hang my head in shame because I did not realise that April 23rd is St George's Day.  It just didn't register with me and as a result I had organised for us to catch up with our Stalkers Wendy and Bill so therefore we couldn't join Trevor and Vicki at their barbeque this afternoon and they do throw a good barbeque!

Wendy and Bill's seventeen days here are racing by and we have only seen them once so far - we appreciate how much they wanted to have a good rest after some rough old times at work so we had just arranged to meet on the two Tuesdays and although we had offered for them to stay the night I guess, like us, they like to go home and sleep in their own bed and it does seem a bit of a waste dirtying sheets just for one night - although I really didn't mind.

The Baileys were coming mid-morning and we were having a late lunchtime barbeque.  Wend and Bill were meeting back up with Running John and Susan who they met the last time they were over when we all went to watch the mighty ENAD (well all of us except Susan who would rather have watched paint dry!).

It was a dry start to the day although there was a bit of Droushia Cloud when the Bailey's arrived but it was warm enough to sit out and John was hostess with the mostess whilst I was in the kitchen getting things prepared.  Poor Wendy and Bill have had some hassle with work even whilst they have been here on holiday - who would own a business?  At least they would be able to compare notes with John and Susan - we can be sympathetic to their plight but John and Susan would have probably experienced many of the same problems having been employers themselves in the past.

John and Susan arrived in readiness for us to eat at 2.00pm.  John did sterling work on the barbeque producing perfectly cooked Sea Bream, pork loin, sausages, chicken and sheftalia.  I was responsible for the hassleback potatoes, halloumi, barbeque sauce, pittas, salad, dips and olives.  I was so glad that we were only catering for a small number - we can do more at a push but it is so much easier for us to seat six at one sitting.  I can't believe I fed 13 or so when my sister was here - it is just too stressful.

The weather got progressively warmer and warmer as the afternoon wore on.  At one point we all went up onto the roof terrace to get the full effect and to take in the scenery.  At this point we could hear voices and John went out to investigate and found that an estate agent was showing some people around villa 3A which is next door to Angela's and which belongs to her brother-in-law.  Sadly Angela's sister died quite young having suffered from Cushing's Disease and her husband is now keen to sell the property. 

We decided that we would give the firepit an airing - we have only had it two years and still not used it so we thought that today would be the day.  It wasn't going to be a late night but once the sun had dipped down below the house next door then it can get a little chilly in the back garden - we could have moved to the front where we still get the evening sun but no-one wanted to move so firepit it was!

The only problem with the firepit was that some unexpected rain earlier in the week had rendered the wood we had put aside a little damp so at times it was all a bit smokey!  Our guests probably went home smelling like kippers!

By early evening we said our goodbye's.  Running John is meeting up with my John tomorrow to help take down the trees in Emba outside Mum and Dad's old house.  

John and I were just getting to the end of the clearing up when we had a phonecall from Wendy to say they had got back to Pissouri safely.  We have arranged to meet up with them with Mum and Dad on Thursday evening at Koloni - it will be our one and only evening meal together before they go home - where has the time gone?

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  1. We have a lovely day with great food and company. It was lovely getting to know Susan and John too. Can't wait to be back, as always x