Friday, 3 May 2013

Wednesday 17th April...

I left John this morning doing 'stuff' around the house.  Having seen the shutters that we had given Wendy and Bill in situ at their house in Pissouri John had decided that the background in the shutter in the front of the garden would look better painted a different colour and he now has plans for the remaining set of shutters that are sitting on top of the shed - keep reading the blog and you can find out what that is!

I was going to craft at Jeannette's in Neo Chorio this week but first I had to negotiate my way through the road works at Prodromi and down into Polis and the vets.

We haven't wormed Minnie Mou or Chivers for a while and both have done a bit of 'scooting' so we are concerned that they might have worms.  Chivers has scooted all his life but we have never witnessed Minnie Mou doing it before!  Plus they are eating like there is no tomorrow!

The vet in Polis sells the Drontal tablets that we use for worming much cheaper than anywhere else so that was the reason for my little detour this morning.  The vet is a man of few words and sometimes we struggle to find him in but I was lucky this morning and I got the tablets I needed.

We had a bit of trouble finding the vets originally as the big sign on the top doesn't seem to have anything to do with animals - in fact as we were passing we though it could be a beauty parlour or something!

I was the first to arrive at Jeannette's - I think she was beginning to worry that no-one was going to pitch up but we were soon joined by Annie and her friend Carole who is here on holiday and then by Vicki.  I was working on my lazy Susan so a day of cutting rather boring grey tiles for the background and I still didn't get it completed.  Vicki brought a number of things with her and Carole was fascinated - she runs a number of craft sessions back in the UK so is always wanting to learn new things.  Annie is keen to learn the art of Pergamano - Mum is a whiz so I have arranged for Mum to come with me to Annie's one day for a master class.

It was a truly beautiful day today - one of those days where I drive down to Latchi and think myself so very lucky to have such beauty all around me.  The view from Jeannette's patio was stunning today everything was looking fresh and vibrant.

We were lunching indoors today - although it was a beautiful day it was cool in the shade and the patio overlooking the pool would have been shaded.  It was one of my favourites today because even though I would say I don't like tuna Graham manages to do something with tuna when he does it with jacket potatoes that makes it delicious!

I drove back home along the coast.  Latchi seems to be getting ready for an anticipated influx of tourists - I hope they come because it is beginning to look lovely.

Lots of work is being done to the old Elea Beach resort which is about to become a 'Zenning' centre - not sure what this is??? then check it out on tintyweb  It would appear that this is going to be open for this summer season but there is quite a way to go and not so much time left to do it!

I nipped into Prodromi Gardens to see if Prodromi Pam was in as I had some mosaic tiles that she wanted and in return I had asked her to do a little bit of sewing for me.  Unfortunately she wasn't in so I will have to try and catch her some other time.

I made my way back home - calling in to check to see if I had any post and was pleased to see that the fan cooling pad I had ordered for my laptop had arrived as my laptop I use for the blog seems to get very hot very quickly and having only just had the hard disk replaced I want it to last a bit longer.

The Greater Spotted Cuckoos are now so yesterday!  I am desperate to try and get a decent photograph of the Blue Jays that sit on the electric wires on the road down past the Eyptian's house - they are always there and I never have my camera with me so today I was prepared - I was prepared but the Blue Jays were laughing at me and I only managed to get a shot of a common or garden Jay - still beautiful but nowhere near as stunning!

Poor Chivers (the duffer) had an unexpected dip in our pool today.  I have no idea what he was thinking about or what had caught his attention but one minute he was stood by John and the next the whole of his backend was in the water and he had a look of complete shock on his face.  

I didn't see it but John says that Chivs' managed to drag himself out but was soaking and we know that the water is cold.

John had to towel Chivs dry - Chivs didn't mind and ended up with a right old fluffy arse as a result!  This is the second time ( to our knowledge) that this has happened and we are hoping it doesn't happen again.  The last time it was at night and Chivers managed to get himself out and came into the bedroom and jumped onto my back which came as a bit of a shock to me I can tell you! Still he seemed none the worse for the experience on either occasion!

I packed away my craft stuff for another week and set about getting tea prepared.  On the calendar for tonight was my pork, leek and apple loaf which I am still perfecting so that it why it hasn't appeared on the food page as yet.

Whilst cooking John decided to do a bit of a workout.  Now that we have sorted out his shed he can get to his weights more easily.  I asked him if it was enjoyable - he says of course - how could it not be with a view like that to inspire you?

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