Tuesday, 18 June 2013

June 9th...

It was a leisurely start to the morning.  Although it was hazy and slightly overcast early on it soon cleared and Nicky adopted the position in T&V corner.

It is good to see Nicky and Mark relax as they have hectic lives and need to take time out - they say that an overnight stay with us is like a mini-break and that is good to know.

John and I had a dreadful night's sleep.  I woke and thought, or had a dream, that something was in my hair and biting me.  I am sure I felt something in my hair which I flicked out and sure enough I did have a bite of some sorts on my scalp - after the encounter with the scorpion the other day I felt rather nervous about what it might have been - we put on the bedroom light but could not see anything but I know I didn't dream it - I just know.

We settled and then woke shortly afterwards because John could hear a mozzie or something with that awful buzzing wine flying around our heads - I could hear it too - so much so because it was actually in my ear - I got the bugger thank goodness.  Lights on again we satisfied ourselves that the bedroom was clear - the electric mozzie killer was plugged in with a new tablet inside - we were both knackered but now unable to relax!

Our guests were served a mid-morning full English - we only do it when we have guests and just now and again you can't beat it - the full 'ish' today with sausage, bacon, tomato, bread, eggs (thanks Helen) and baked beans - that was going to serve as our lunch as well as we were going down to Mum and Dad's later for dinner.

It is Orexi Elena's birthday later this week.  I wanted to make her a birthday card so whilst our guests were chilling and digesting their brunch I got out my tin of pebbles.  Her birthday is Thursday and she is holding a yoga brunch and I have offered to give her a hand because she is supposed to be taking things easy whilst the extent of her problems is diagnosed and her treatment decided upon.

Next Sunday is Father's day and it will be Mum and Dad's turn to come to us and they usually stay the night.  We are planning to have a barbeque and I needed to have a card ready for that celebration too.  Dad used to be a keen fisherman and I thought he would like this card although as John quite rightly pointed out I really should have put the fish the other way up - what do I know?  I never go fishing!

We had also seen on Facebook that it was Lynn from Akourdaleia's birthday so I got a final card made and we dropped it off at her and Al's house en route to Mum and Dads.  I have almost used all my little pebbles so will have to go on a hunt again sometime soon.

We said goodbye to Nicky and Mark and called in to make sure Tom and Jerry were behaving themselves and were amazed to hear that Tom has finally found his voice as he gave us the weeniest of miaows today. 

We had a lovely meal down at Mum and Dads - fillet steak followed by bread and butter pudding - you can't beat it!!  They have quite a lot of lemons on their tree (we shall miss these when they move unless there is a lemon tree in the garden).  Today we got a bag of normal lemons and then a ninja mutant turtle lemon which was the size of a grapefruit!

Early night for us tonight - we are both knackered.

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  1. Love your cards Gill. You will need to give me a lesson Wendy x