Saturday, 1 June 2013

May 21st... Happy Birthday Vicki

 Apologies - A Late Night Last Night - Forgot to Post on My Return!

We woke to the most glorious day and Visitor John opted for the outside shower - good job my John made the cubicle large enough for occupants to move away from the water when it gets to about boiling point - unfortunately the shower has one feed only - the fresh water which travels along lengths of irrigation pipe which is warmed by the sun and on a day like today gets HOT - VERY HOT so there is no means of cooling it down when it gets to that point - all you can do is 'back away from the hot water'!! as Visitor John found out - fortunately no harm done but we must remember to warn people in future that the temperature of the water can fluctuate greatly.

We had planned a day out today - with a walk around one of the local reservoirs - somewhere I had tried to find previously but failed so I had to ask Wheelie Helen for some fool proof instructions which she provided.  I realise now that previously I had turned off at the wrong school so I was never going to reach my destination!! DUH.  We were then going to have one of John's fantastic fish barbeques as Paps had sea bream on offer and he has perfected the art of cooking fish on the BBQ.

We decided to that we ought to start off with a light breakfast so fresh fruit and yoghurt was the order of the day - with a slice or two of wholemeal toast and some homemade citrus jam for those with slightly larger appetites!!  It was a leisurely start and we made a quick shopping list for some cocktail ingredients because John had decided to serve cocktails on the patio here tonight as we had enjoyed them so much at the Hotel yesterday.  We even dug out our old cocktail making book so we could get the recipes right and then John decided he would wing it anyway and go freestyle anyway!


Tomorrow Jane and John are walking in the late afternoon around Yialyia and Dad had given them instructions as to where to find their meeting place so as we were going out that way we could make sure they knew exactly where they were going and how long it would take.  By the time we got out to Argaka it was time for morning coffee and we stopped at the Halfway House to sit under the vines and while away another half an hour or so.  We had stopped at the post office on our way out of the village and I was thrilled that the photo album I had prepared for Elaine and Paul's first wedding had arrived and was even better than I had expected - Jane is busy having a quick look at it!

With the help of Helen's trusty 'idiot proof' instructions we found the reservoir and as it was hot and really not the best time of the day to be walking opted to drive down as far as the dam and then walk from there on the 'short walk' but only going as far as the viewing point. 

We all changed shoes, packed up our water and away we went like happy wanderers - Val-dera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
My knapsack on my back - well on Visitor John's back actually which was good of him because it got really hot walking.  It was a bit of a shame that the nature trail takes you away from the water because having that by the side of you made you feel cooler if nothing else!

Hats were most definitely the order of the day, as was water and a rest (or two) in the shade.  But it was worth it as the views were lovely and when we reached the viewing platform it felt like you were on top of the world with views right across to Latchi.

We stopped for a while to admire the view and then started back down the trail and to the car.  All in all it was a two hour round trip - with a couple of steepish bits - particularly going up to the viewing platform but otherwise nothing too strenuous - it was just a bit too hot.

On our return home after a refreshing shower (this time visitor John was fully prepared for a hot blast) we settled down onto the decking for our sundowners carefully balancing the camera in T&V corner to get a group shot - only trouble was we waited and waited for the sun to go behind next door's house and it never quite disappeared!

The fish barbeque was delicious and John made use of the coals by putting them in the firepit so we could stay outside for as long as we wanted.  It was really a lovely evening - no heavy condensation like we normally get.

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