Sunday, 2 June 2013

May 23rd...

We began the tidy up having had Jane and John to stay as we are hoping that Hilary and Keith will be staying with us next week while they are over touring with the Barrie Row Big Band and have a couple of days between gigs.  

It was a brilliant day for washing so I went in to do the guest bedroom and found a really lovely 'Thank You' card from the Pages.  They had a great time up with us and are looking forward to doing it again! Hopefully Mum and Dad will have been able to take advantage of a couple of days to recuperate after a busy weekend.

We shall be catching up with them tomorrow evening when we are going out for a meal together with Trish and Alan at the little meze house in Gerouskipou which was formerly known as Mrs Nikki's.

In the post yesterday we had received the wedding album we had got printed for Elaine and Paul and also a replacement keyboard for our old spare laptop.  For some reason most of the keys on the middle row stopped working and we did all the cleaning things recommended on the internet but that didn't work and then we saw a YouTube video that said they were easy to replace so we managed to get one sent over for £13 and John fitted it in about 10 seconds and it works perfectly so we now have a good working spare which is brilliant and we were just about to throw the thing away!  

We had a rather large visitor in the conservatory today - a huge spider which tried to hide behind one of the sofas but we managed to tackle it and capture it in a pint pot.  We tried to identify it on the internet and we think it is a Huntsman Spider which is supposed not to be dangerous but we weren't taking any chances and set it free as far away as possible from the house!

The spider catching interlude delayed us in our project to move the water butt back to its original position as we had found it had moved and pitched forward pulling the down-pipe away from the wall.  We don't really use it as a water butt more a mechanism to get the rain water away from the house.  We managed to get the water butt repositioned so we shouldn't have any problems now if it rains - not that we are expecting any or at least not any in great quantity for a few months anyway.

The lovely Elena from Orexi is out of hospital and back at Orexi HQ and this evening she was holding her first wedding reception in the garden.  After all that Elena has been through she is looking fabulous - she is seen here with her lovely Mum giving instructions as to what needed doing.  Elena is supposed to be resting and NOT using her left arm so she is supposed to be working in a supervisory role only but that doesn't come easy to Elena!

Orexi HQ had been transformed for the occasion.  Cocktails and canapes were going to be served on the upper terrace while the sun was still out and then the wedding party was moving down into the garden which was being lit by hundreds of candles.

It was all looking lovely and there were one or two touches from Elaine and Paul's wedding which I recognised like the serviette rings and the flower hoops on the backs of the chairs!  Friends had been drafted in to help because Elena was not fully up to speed and she obviously wanted this function to go well.  I was there to take photographs of the venue for Elena - and you know me I never mind taking a photograph.  It was just a shame that my replacement lens had not arrived in time for this event.

The bride and groom had got married at Peyia - the wedding party had taken over the whole of Sappho Manor and had had a meal earlier at Christos's before making their way to Orexi to finish off their celebrations.

I snapped away for about three hours before John came to pick me up on the bike.  I managed to take quite a few really nice photographs but as the Bride and Groom haven't seen them as yet wont publish them here yet.

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