Thursday, 6 June 2013

May 27th...

Monday - no art today as Sheila has to be in Paphos - I shall begin to forget what she looks like soon!!  I am very excited because I am picking up my seahorse picture tomorrow and my pictures look so much better framed - anyway I digress - it is Monday and after a bit of a lie-in we set off down to Polis - John to badders and me to do the shopping.  On our way down the hill past what we call the Egyptian's house Andreas has reinstalled his horses - Mum and Foal.  They are looking in fabulous condition.

I am working on a new project - having picked up some driftwood on the last beach clean I want to do something with it otherwise it sits around or worse still in the winter John will burn it!  I had a vision in mind and with time to kill whilst John is at badders I was going to go out to Limni to take a wander along the beach.

It was beautiful out at Limni - there were quite a few people on the beach to the right of the pier but no-one on the left so I parked up and decided to take a walk to the end of the pier and then onto the beach.

Just as I parked up a taxi pulled up next to me with the guy shouting 'Hello hello, it's me Savvas your taxi driver from the other night'  I gave him a stare that Minnie Mou would have been proud of and told him I had no idea who he was but he insisted 'Last week in Latchi - me Savvas your taxi driver'  My stare hardened and he then asked 'where you live?' and I told him in Greek that I had lived in Drouseia for three years at which point he stared back at me (Minnie would have been double impressed) and looked me up and down and said 'sorry wrong woman' hastily ramming the car into reverse and speeding off.

I obviously have a double who he picked up in his taxi last week in Latchi - whoever you are - Savvas has the hots for you!!!

I took a wander along the pier - John and Sean had planned to go fishing from there later this evening before we went along to Yiallos for a final meal together as they are going home tomorrow.

On our return from Polis Sharon came round to tell us that Sean was feeling poorly.  From the symptoms it would appear that he probably spent a bit too long out in the sun yesterday and was now feeling the effects.  We told her to let him rest and if we needed to cancel the fishing and Yiallos then it didn't matter to us.  We decided no fishing but wait and see about eating.

Sharon also asked me if I might be able to send an email out to the lunching ladies to see if anyone might be able to foster a kitten she and Sean had rescued.  This pretty little cat was about six months old and was or had been pregnant and had a broken leg that the vets were fighting to save.  During her recuperation and the search for a permanent home a foster home was required which could accommodate her in a cage for two to six weeks.  I can give an update as I happen to know that the kitten had already given birth recently - her leg was broken but has been saved and she was such a lovely friendly cat that the assistant Vet has decided to keep her - RESULT!

Back at the ranch our Greater Spotted Cuckoos have gone and been replaced by flocks of gold finches who are eating their way across the field and feeding their young at the same time.  When they are not feeding they are singing and have a very melodic sound.

Whilst waiting for news on Sean I got my latest project underway and have covered my piece of driftwood with a shoal of fish made from the beautiful coloured pebbles I had picked up this morning on Limni beach - don't know where I am going to put it now!

The good news was that Sean felt well enough to go out although not really well enough to eat very much and we took them somewhere they had not been before and once again we were treated to a brilliant sunset.

I learned my lesson on Saturday and so this time wore long trousers.  This did not stop me being bitten - not on the legs this time but on my chest and by what looks like a horsefly by the size of the lump that has come up.

We didn't managed to get in the final leg of the Drouseia Cribbage Championship - that will have to wait for the next time but the girls are taking the victory based on the fact that our win was a whitewash!

Back at home, once again, I managed to fall asleep in front of the television.  Poor John is getting a bit fed up of having to watch things twice because I can't remember watching them the first time.  

Why is it that I can fall asleep in front of the TV but then wake up in the early hours and am then wide awake!

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  1. Love the little fish, well done, you are very artistic. x