Sunday, 9 June 2013

May 30th...

Our visitors arrived safe and sound for a few days R&R before hitting the road with the Big Band once more.  The weather has been getting increasingly warmer and warmer and a dip in the pool was the order of the day for Hilary and I but not for Keith who preferred to sit in the shade and make encouraging noises from a distance!

It is a rare thing for me to sunbathe these days but when we have visitors it is nice to take time out and enjoy the sun even if it is only for a short while.  The trouble is that I get easily distracted by all the weeds in the garden and cant sit still for long!

Hilary got bored too - probably because it was just a little too hot for lazing about.  She had been admiring the mosaic coasters that are on the table and so I suggested she made some to take home with her as I have a few spare and some odd tiles she could use up.  The plan was that she could grout them tomorrow before they had to head back to Paphos.  Hilary is very artistic herself and does all sorts of crafting but had never had a go at mosaics so was keen to have a go.

The coasters done and dusted we all got cleaned up and decided to go on the Droushia pub crawl. We had decided on the short crawl which meant that we would miss out the Spa which is a bit out of the circuit and walked down the hill and along the main road until we got to the Droushia Heights Hotel.  We had promised ourselves that we would NOT have a repeat of the last time the band was in town and go out for a drink, meet up with the other band members, have far too much to drink in Christos's Taverna and stagger home feeling very much the worse for wear.

Cocktails were the order of the day in the Hotel - pricey I know but we now only see Hils and Keith about once a year (if that) and we have known each other for such a long time and spent many a happy hour together over a beer or a gin and tonic or worse a huge jug of Pimms just before Hilary had to play a big base drum that it is nice to push the boat out.  Keith thought there were worse places to be on a Thursday afternoon than sitting looking out across the sea and the coastline of Turkey.

We very nearly failed in our mission to get home in one piece.  We had a beer in Stathmos unscathed and then mooched up the road to Christos's Taverna where we were just about to finish and go home for tea when the other band members appeared.  We stood firm this time - once bitten and all that - we remained for one drink to be sociable and then made our way back to Villa 10b - feeling everso slightly smug at our restraint - or is it just that we really are getting too old for that malarky?

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