Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday - final meal with the Miles'

Posting this one early as forgot last night's so had to post it this morning - you may have two to read!

So after a very late night we decided to take it Easy Like Sunday Morning!  This is what retirement, living in the sun and weekends should be all about but actually we don't seem to do it often enough!  John was taking the opportunity to catch up on the news and I the blog before getting ready as we were going out for lunch and this time Klaus and Sheila were coming with us and Klaus had offered to drive.

Klaus and Sheila had been introduced to the Magic Garden restaurant by friends of theirs and having told me about it John and I went with Mum and Dad a few weeks ago.  It was such a different dining experience that Mum thought it would be brilliant to take Aunty Joyce and Uncle David on the last full day of their holiday and we were going to treat them.

We love going to somewhere a little different to eat and on a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon an intimate lunch in a beautiful garden is just the ticket.

The venue is stunning - there is an indoor eating area for the winter, then a flagstone courtyard, then steps lead down to a garden eating area.

The view across the valley through the trees in the garden was fabulous and now there were some beautiful autumn colours coming through.  Apart from the one obligatory annoying fly everything else was perfect - not too warm thank goodness!

Last time we went we were amazed by the choice of food available being produced by a very ordinary sized domestic kitchen.  Today was no exception with a whole range of specials in addition to the standard menu.

To start Dad, Joyce and David all opted for the edible prawn filled baskets, John had the spare ribs and Klaus and I had the deep fried camembert.

Joyce and David had duck for main, Dad, Klaus, Mum and I all had a pork and apricot dish, Sheila had a chicken dish with peppers and John had a fantastic steak and kidney pie then for sweet Mum, Sheila and I had creme brulee, Klaus, Dad, David and Joyce had the apple pie and John the chocolate and mint mousse.

It was a lovely afternoon - we were all completely stuffed and agreed it was a great way to finish off the Miles' two week holiday.  We keep saying 'next time' because they are determined to return and there are still so many places left to take them - all eating places of course!!!

There was nothing left for it but to have a quiet and snoozy remainder to the day - we are now almost at the end of our marathon season of visitors and it is beginning to take its toll!

We decided to settle down and watch a bit of wallpaper TV to recharge our batteries.  I don't know what had happened to Boris - someone clearly took his batteries out.  He was away with the fairies and never even flinched when John used him as a resting place for the remote control.

I had the chance to catch up on the final of the Great British Bake Off with Elena's new BFF Paul Hollywood! 

It was while watching an episode of Amazing Spaces that I hatched a plan for my craft stuff but more about that tomorrow.   I would so love a studio but that isn't going to happen anytime soon - a shed on the green area is probably about as good as it will get - now there's an idea!!!

Sean and Sharon are now on countdown to return to the UK (although not for long hopefully) and although they have been here over three weeks we have spent very little time with them what with our visitors and their visitors so we had asked them to pop round for a drink this evening if they had time.

We normally get at least a few nights of cribbage in when they are here - we have met very few people here that play and we used to belong to a league so miss it.

We have the Droushia Challenge cup which is generally held by the girls as John and I try not to partner one another if possible as John says he can never fathom out my playing strategy - I am not sure I have one so that is probably the reason!

We managed a hasty best of five as we were all feeling pretty knackered - there was a bit of a dispute over the third game as Sharon and I were convinced we were home and John equally convinced that it was first time round - we were all two tired to really remember and after all it is just a game!

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