Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sunday - Lunar Eclipse

Sunday - ah Sunday - a peaceful day here in Drouseia (no sounds of anyone hunting to wake us up) and although it started a little on the damp and chilly side (mega condensation at night now autumn is here) it developed into a fine bright and warm day.

So nice that today neither Mum nor I were having to cook and we were going to what is probably one of the best eateries around - and in the dead centre of the village - Chez Knips opposite the cemetery!

How lovely that even up here in Drouseia at the tail end of September we were able to sit outside for our starters.  Klaus is such an accomplished cook - I always look forward to his meals!!!  Today we were treated to some absolutely delicious and moist chicken satay skewers to whet our appetites.

Main course was roast pork and roasted apples with potato pancakes and vegetables.  Klaus was a little disappointed that the crackling was, well, very crackly but I coped with the bits I got and thoroughly enjoyed them - I was just a bit concerned that people were going to eat too much because I am at the Knips again tomorrow for art and also lunch!!!

We moved inside for our main course because it was easier to accommodate everything on the dining table and it allowed chef to be close to the kitchen for any last minute requirements.

There is nothing nicer than sitting round a table enjoying good food, good wine and good company - even though we are really three different generations!

The piece de resistance was pudding - Klaus had made a beautiful plum tart with a crumble topping similar to the ones you can get in Lidl which probably inspired him but lighter and tastier - John wants the recipe as he is keen to have a go at making one himself and we know somewhere in the village that has a glut of plums so Janet Jinty we will be knocking on your door for a bag full next season!!

Clearly lunch had affected Mum and my ability to thrash the menfolk at Crib - we were right royally stuffed this afternoon - never picking up a decent hand!  Things are clearly returning to normal - just want to know where Colin Denominator is when you need him!!! That is what we called John's stepdad as he always seemed to be on the winning side when playing crib here on holiday.

Early night tonight as I want to get up and see if I can witness the blood moon at around 5.00am tomorrow morning - will keep you posted...

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  1. We really enjoy our family Sunday's together.xx