Friday, 27 November 2015

Last day of school

So on our last day of basket making the class of 2015 were treated to a very very freshly baked banana loaf made by Janice in the early hours of this morning - the only problem was we had to wait to be able to sample it so it meant we were working in the room with the smell permeating the air all morning!!!

We had been given homework yesterday which was to make the plaits and attach them around the top of the basket leaving just a short area to complete this morning so then we could be taught how to finish the basket off properly.

We had a lady come in from one of the other classes as she wanted to finish her basket too.  She suddenly looked at me and declared "είκοσι φέτες streaky bacon!!" because she works on the deli counter at Paps and I am always asking her for 20 slices of streaky bacon in my finest Greek!!! Hopefully she will recognise me again the next time I go and maybe I will be able to engage her in a little more conversation - maybe I will try half a kilo of cheese for a change!!!

This is my completed basket.  It is bandaged at the end not to hide the blood from where I kept stabbing my finger with the pokey thing we had to use but to keep the ends bound tightly so that when it is removed they stay in place.

Before embarking on our second basket we all decamped outside to have a cuppa and a slice of that lovely cake and to have our photographs taken once more for the village Facebook page so that people can see what we have managed to achieve.  Boy that cake was good and I was very grateful because I was shooting off and going straight to pickleball and it would have been a very long time since my porridge otherwise.

I took a bit of video of my basket being finished off so I can remember for another time - Kelly you crack me up with your commentary!!!  I shall miss our regular meetings so we are just going to have to sort something else out at the Hotel!

Our Friday evening was very nicely rounded off with a meal at Lou and H's.  Lou has been away for a few days and we have missed her so it was really nice to be sat round the dining table with her and H and periodically Tilly and Middy (Bill is far too sensible to hang around the table) tucking into smoked salmon starter followed by a lamb tagine then ending with a chocolate pudding.  Thank you and welcome home xxxx

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