Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday Man Mountain Merrick

When I visited Janet Jinty she asked me what time I went to bed so I erred on the side of caution and said I am lucky if I manage to stay awake beyond 9.30pm and she looked relieved because she said she was having the same problem - there again we do get up quite early and try and get things done before it gets too hot.  I remember we used to laugh at our friend Nicky Kirby who said she always went to bed early and she is a good 10 years younger than me but now I understand - John suggests watching a film most nights and I just think to myself - no chance!

Anyway it was going to be a very busy day for us today - before going off as happy snappers to the wedding we are embarking on the pool refurbishment which meant stripping out the existing liner and having the system pressure tested.   We are still not absolutely sure what the finished product is going to look like but before we could make any decisions the old liner had to go and the state of the walls has to be looked at and the pipework etc pressure tested to ensure there are no problems.

We were really pleased that we didn't have to skip the old liner - I remembered that when the weather gets bad some of the cat rescue places shout out for stuff like that so I contacted June Griffiths who was really pleased we had thought of her and will collect it later in the week.

So back to the blog title - the man who came to do the pressure testing was called Merrick and came from a country which probably didn't exist when I did geography at school and which might have ended in a 'stan' but I didn't want to question him too much because it was like having Hagred in the garden - he was about 10 foot tall and about 10 foot wide with wild hair!

He seemed a gentle giant and amiable enough and we liked him even more when he declared there was really no issue with our system save for a little leak in the pump room which he fixed whilst he was there!

We want the pool to blend in with the natural stone wall and the surrounding plants and not to look like something artificial plonked into the garden - not sure if we will be able to achieve that but we are using the same wood effect tiles around the pool that we have used on the sun terrace.

Today we were privileged to be attending the wedding of Sara and Daniel - the plaque above I made for Dan's mum Rebecca to give to them as a gift.  They have had a torrid time of things as their youngest son was hospitalised with an asthma attack last week so I never got to meet the happy couple before the ceremony so couldn't really prepare for the photographs save making sure the cameras were up to it.

I met up with the bride as she and her bridesmaids got ready at Rebecca and Derricks home in Peyia - and I am happy to post a few photographs because I know that she will have seen them first as I worked through the night to make sure she got them the next day.

The ceremony took place at Peyia Registry Office and it was a beautiful day - the temperature was just right - unlike the day that Elaine and Paul got married when it was absolutely scorchio and that was in April a couple of year's ago.

We did our best to make sure we got all the photographs they wanted but it is a bit like herding eels - I take my hat off to people that do this regularly - Nicky Kirby Cyprus Images Photography you are a sucker for punishment doing 70+ of these a year!!!

It is nigh on impossible to get small children all in the same place at the same time all looking in the same direction and the adults are almost as bad!

Fortunately there was no rush to get the photographs taken as their didn't appear to be another wedding party waiting so that was a bonus.

From the registry office we then travelled down to Neo's Sports Bar down at Coral Bay where the wedding party took over the upstairs terrace, bar and function rooms.  The bride and groom and their three children shot off down to Oniros to take some photographs with the sun setting behind.

The terrace area at Neo's was a superb location for a wedding reception.  The sun setting behind was absolutely stunning and it was a warm and balmy evening.

The food was excellent - how great to watch the chef barbecuing your dinner in front of you and there was just so much to chose from.

Music was supplied by Ben Mills and it was really nice to hear him singing as himself rather than his alter-ego Michael Buble

The party was in full swing when we said our goodbyes to get back up the hill to Droushia before the cats decided to leave home and having worn shoes for the first time in months my feet were killing me!!!

Thank you Rebecca and Derrick, Dan and Sara for allowing us to be part of your special day - hope you liked the photographs...

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