Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sunday and John in Nicosia

So after just one coat of the new colour for the lounge the jury is most definitely out.  John is not at all convinced by it but I don't mind - he wanted something bold and bright and this is most definitely bold and bright!!!

I am sure that with a second coat it will look lovely - anyway we have done it now so a second coat will be applied and then we shall make a final decision as to whether it needs to be changed for something else.  It most definitely matches the suite which is what we wanted.

The second coat is unlikely to happen today as John is off to Nicosia with other members of the Emba Badminton Club as they have been asked to provide line judges for the Cyprus 2015 Junior Badminton Open.

So it was to be an early start for him today - the alarm was set for 6.00 and he wanted to be off by 6.30 with his packed lunch under his arm as he was uncertain as to whether he was going to be fed today - as it happens he was awake at 5.45am and got up and started to get himself organised.

He called in before he left with a cuppa which I drank and then decided to get up myself as there was a load of things I wanted to get sorted in the house whilst he was out from under my feet!

This is what the early morning looks like when the sun is trying to break through the rolling mists that have now become a regular feature.  Everything takes on a very strange and eerie hue until the mist dissipates and the sun breaks through.

This weather does not seem to discourage the hunters - When John got up he saw the back of one walking down the new road with gun in hand and three dogs in tow.  At one point he stopped with gun at the ready at which point John shouted so as to remind him that he was too close to a residential property to shoot.  The hunter should also have been wearing something orange but sadly this one did not so he runs the risk of being mistaken for bigger prey by some other trigger happy local.  Fortunately today we didn't get bothered too much by the hunters and any shots I did here seemed to be pretty much in the distance for a change.

The very cool nights mean that we now have a tremendous amount of condensation to deal with every morning so there is absolutely no requirement for me to do any sort of watering!  If you don't believe me take a look at the table which is out in the garden on the front decking.

I went down to Mum and Dad's on my own as John was away and chose to go down via Peyia which was a bit of a mistake as I had forgotten that there would be a big Remembrance Sunday celebration taking place there so it took me a little while to get through the traffic.

As I got to Banana Bay the sun was absolutely glorious and it was no surprise to see some tourist swimming in the Bay even though the current there can be absolutely treacherous - I realise that I have become well and truly acclimatised because I was in trousers and had a jacket with me 'just in case'!!!  Still I expect the water temperature is really rather lovely.

Some hardy souls were braving a round island trip even though there was quite a swell - not my cup of tea - I can remember John and I doing that self same trip on our honeymoon in July 24 years ago and having to share a sick sack as all bar about half a dozen of the crew and passengers were hanging over the side!  Not an experience I wish to re-live in a hurry.

Dad had chosen to go to the Magic Garden for lunch - it is possibly the last time we shall be able to go there and sit outside.  When we arrived they were clearly going to be busier than when we had been previously as there were two tables set for six people on the middle terrace and we were given a table on the upper terrace.

We had a lovely lunch - I still marvel at the way they produce such a range of food from what is no more than a domestic kitchen.  Dad and I had deep fried Camembert and Mum had parsnip soup to start.  Mum had roast duck, Dad had rabbit casserole and I had steak and kidney pie which were served with chips and buttered french beans.  Dad topped his meal off with a creme brulee and Mum a coffee.  They both seemed to enjoy their lunches and it was a very pleasant spot to be spending a Sunday afternoon.

John was already home when I got back - he had really enjoyed his trip to Nicosia and watching youngsters at the top of their game.  Shame the Emba Badminton club representatives looked like they were being interviewed for jobs with EasyJet!

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