Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sunday at Mum and Dad's

Today's post will start and finish with a photograph of a cat.  I start with an early morning snap of Miss Jazzy-B Peanut who appeared earlier in the year up at Sharon's as a small and very loving kitten and who is still living there - she is beautiful - she is a very little cat even after having been spayed she has never really grown very much and she would so benefit from a loving home but failing that we hope that Sharon and Sean will adopt her and in the meantime John and I go up and give her some love almost every day.   She was not however the cat I was looking for when I executed an SAS style recce of 12B.  I crept up the path and quietly edged around the corner to peer through the slats of the garden fence because I have seen a small ginger kitten in the courtyard - at least I am sure that I have but no-one else has seen it.  So this morning I was determined and armed with the camera and hey presto when I looked through the fence it was there and then within seconds it was disappearing up the steps to the bedrooms.  By the time I managed to get into the courtyard there was no sign of it - anywhere.  If it turned out to be a female ginger kitten (only one in ten are female) I could probably find it a home in the village with Janice who lives over by the rocks but unless I can actually get to handle it I have no chance.

We were off today down to Mum and Dad's for lunch - when we left Droushia it was warm enough but not in the house so we dressed accordingly but by the time we made our way down to Emba it got warmer and warmer and warmer and John was severely regretting his decision to wear jeans.

We sat outside the bungalow for a drink and for me to do a bit of hand sewing for Mum until we decided it was just too hot to remain outside - too hot and we are now more than half way through November!  It really has been lovely during the day but the evenings are getting quite chilly - not so much down in Emba but certainly up in Droushia - we are determined to hang on a bit longer before regularly lighting the wood-burner but John does want to check it out and make sure that since he changed the fire-rope that it draws properly and doesn't smoke the house out and he wants to do it now rather than wait until we need it.

It promises to be another beautiful day tomorrow if the sun going down is anything to go by which is good news.  We need the weather to remain settled now for about another three weeks as the work is due to start on the swimming pool tomorrow and I just know that we aren't going to be that lucky and we are going to be surrounded by a bloody great mess until just before Christmas.  Well we think the work is going to start but we haven't heard anything to confirm the start so John will be giving them a ring tomorrow to make sure.

The cooler nights mean the cats are in more than they are out - even Minnie-Mou who has now discovered that we have turned my craft box into a seat.  When we got back from Mum and Dad's she was reclining there very comfortable indeed thank you very much!

Our cats are obviously too well looked after because I found what I thought might be evidence of rodent activity in the cupboard under the TV - it could be evidence of a lizard but I am unconvinced particularly as one or two of the cats seemed particularly interested in the cupboard a couple of days ago.  We have had to resort to putting a trap down just in case.  We don't like setting traps but there really isn't much alternative unfortunately.  I shall send John to investigate if we have been successful because if we have I feel really guilty.

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