Saturday, 21 November 2015

Too glorious to be November

So we are almost halfway through November and today is absolutely glorious.  Even here in Droushia we woke with a cloudless sky and temperatures much more like September than November - it was a quick scurry to find shorts and a sleeveless top rather than the thicker t-shirts and three quarter length trousers which have become the norm.

I had received a text from my hairdresser to say she would squeeze me in this morning if I could shoot down to Paphos - I am extremely grateful to her for seeing me on what is really her day off - I just like the way she cuts my hair and I don't want to have to get to know someone new so I was prepared to reorganise my morning.  As I drove down from our house I was greeted with a very traditional scene - a fire and a tractor!

It was very busy on the roads - NOT - I traveled nearly all the way from Drouseia to Peyia without seeing another car or passing another car - it is a real joy to drive over here!  I stopped off in Peyia to get a granite tile drill bit for John and a quick look in the Clothing Lounge before getting to my hairdressers and having my cut.  I couldn't hang about on my way back as John was going to footie today with Rob and John Read and I was dropping my John and Rob down at Insomnia for a pre-match drink and Diana and I were going for a walk before doing a bit of shopping in Paps.  Today the ENAD game was being played at the very picturesque Agia Marina pitch because the turf at ENAD is being relayed.

It was absolutely stunning when we got to Latchi.  Anyone out here on holiday must be rubbing their hands with glee.  Although the days are short and, once the sun goes down, it can be chilly the days have been fine and warm - unseasonably warm actually.

We parked up at La Plage and bumped into H who seems to be coping well whilst his lovely wife Lou is back in the UK for a few days.  I had only been thinking about him early in the day as he is on his own (save for their three dogs) so it was good to see him and see that he had been making good use of his time by grabbing a couple of hours at the beach.  As Diana and I walked towards the marina we saw two people who seemed to be practicing juggling skills.

By the time we had walked along to Faros and sat down and ordered what we considered to be a very well-earned drink the jugglers had caught up with us.

As we were sat enjoying this late autumnal sunshine the jugglers were entertaining us with juggling and balancing and balloon making.

It would have been so easy to sit there all day but we had to return to the car and back to Polis so that I could do some shopping.  It is my turn to entertain Mum and Dad tomorrow and I had decided to cook a stuffed pork loin which I needed to buy together with the veggies etc to go with it.  Diana kept me company and kept my trolley under control!

John returned home having witnessed what he considered a relatively boring 1-0 win by ENAD who were playing the bottom of the league Erimi, the Mighty Blades fared little better securing a 2-2 draw having been 2-0 down.

Sausage and Mash for tea - mmmmm mmmmm

I shall leave you with a video of the entertainers..

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