Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tuesday - A quieter day...

OMG when I said my feet were killing me last night I wasn't joking - I had a blister on my toe the size of a small island and it kept me awake during the night!

I was desperate to get up early and start on the wedding photographs for Dan and Sara - between the two of us and our three cameras we had taken nearly 2000 photographs - most of them would be almost duplicates as I tried to fire off several of each group to ensure I got a decent shot.  Some would be easy to discard but others would need some scrutiny and amalgamating the three memory cards meant I would have to rename and renumber so that I could present them in a logical order.

I never know what peoples' expectations are with regard to photographs but I would imagine that most brides love the photographs of their special day unless you have made a really shit job of them and I was doing it as a favour!

Well I think we managed to provide them with some good shots but this is one of my favourites and looks so much better in black and white as the happy couple stand out with the white dress and white shirt and they look so happy and relaxed.

Regular readers will know that we are having to have our pool relined after years of inconsistent management before we moved over permanently so this space has left the cats suitable confused.  One of them must have been down to investigate because a certain Mr Boo returned home with mud caked up his legs - I am guessing he was chasing something (a very large locust type grasshopper was in there) and didn't stop at the sludge.  We tried our best to clean him of but he wasn't having any of it and the best we could manage was to slap some very soapy water on him - he will probably return foaming at the mouth!

We are at a crucial stage with the house painting and so my clock vine has to be moved away from the wall but still supported so that Tony can paint.

Tomorrow the poor man will be squeezing into John's shed and if you are not familiar with this space it is just a narrow gap at the back of the house between the kitchen wall and the gazebo.  Good job he is only a little man otherwise there would be no chance.

We are nearing the biggie after this - painting above the conservatory which means standing on the glass roof - this fills us all with a bit of dread - it should be fine but we are never that lucky - somewhere along the line we must have sworn at a gypsy without knowing it.

With all the work that is going on the house is in turmoil and there is stuff everywhere and my ironing basket was left unprotected in the conservatory thus providing a bed for Minnie Mou and an excuse for me not to do it!!! I didn't have time anyway as we were going down to Emba.

Mum hasn't felt well since her flu jab and so she wasn't playing pickleball today - this wasn't too much of an issue as Tuesdays we generally have our full complement of six so one out doesn't make too much of a difference and two out just means we have longer breaks between rotation.  Sadly Bill has done his back in so he and Wendy are currently unable to play on Fridays which is such a shame as they are great opponents and we miss not seeing them and catching up.  So now we are short on numbers for a Friday so John is going to ask some of his badminton oppos if they want to come along and check it out.

Having had a busy day yesterday we had an early night on our return - Janet Jinty I may have to revise my bedtime from 9.30 to 8.30!!

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