Sunday, 27 December 2015

Jingle 2015

Mindful that we would have a busy if not boozy day today we wanted a good night's sleep to set us up for the day.  This was what we wanted but in reality both of us were awake at 4.00am and after a bit of a discussion I got up and made us a cuppa before we relaxed for a bit and snoozed for a bit and then got up.

We both seem to have so much going through our heads at the moment.  The whole pool thing has taken its toll and although the pool area has been made safe and will, inevitably get finished one way or another, it is not how we had expected it to look today - it should have been finished and we should have had the opportunity to showcase the completed project to our assembled friends - we will be keeping the curtains very firmly closed instead.  Fortunately the rain forecast seems to be holding off which means that we could have lit the chimnea and spent time outside but will refrain from doing so just at the moment.

We were inevitably up early and getting on with sorting the house in readiness for guests later.  We are not exactly sure how many will come back for something to eat but in previous years I have either under catered or made the soup too nice so that nothing was left.  John was keen to get the fire lit and have a big old log ticking over whilst we were out so that the house would be warm on our return.

The house is decorated, the food is cooked, the fire is lit, the song sheets are printed, the tavernas have been warned and we are good to go.  Many thanks to Sean and Sharon for the supply of Christmas T-shirts!!!  Christmas Hats are dusted off and the obligatory Christmas music is on the I-pod!!!

First stop is the Droushia Heights Hotel.  It is a great place to start because it is warm and welcoming and they will have carafes of Kolios wine for us to buy which means that drinking there may well be the cheapest place in the village.  It is now becoming a tradition that we get our photograph taken by the tree.  John and I arrived a little early and opted to sit outside and have a drink.  It is mid-way through December and even here up in Droushia it is warm enough to sit outside even if it is only for a short while.   The hotel was full of the footballers who will be playing against ENAD this afternoon - John is giving up watching the footie today - the original football schedule did not have them playing at home today - sod's law it got changed!

At the hotel we were joined by Janet and John, Louise and Hywel, Elaine and Paul, Jane and Mick and Mina and Claire.  We were well looked after with a lovely platter of horses douffers provided by the hotel and some very palatable Kolios wine to wash it down.  We were in fine voice at this stage but it all went downhill from there!!

Next stop was Finikas (where we get our post) and here we still managed to sing something half decent but there again we did have the Welsh on our side with Miss Elaine leading the community singing and Mr Hywel to back her up!

After Finikas we walked up the hill to the Coffee Shop and it all gets a bit sketchy for me from there on in.

At this point we were joined by Sean and Sharon.  Sharon is the sensible one as she no longer drinks alcohol so can watch the proceedings with a smug smile knowing that everyone else will be suffering tomorrow when she will not be!!!

As happened last year Despina's husband Chris came to entertain us - he has a particular soft spot for Elaine - she is maybe trying to ward him off in the picture!

Next stop was next door at O Stathmos - I have to admit I can't actually recall being in there or anything that happened but as I am in this photograph I must have been there!!  It looks to have been ok and I expect we kept the locals well amused!!

I do remember being in Christos's taverna - I was sat next to Mina and I remember she ordered nibbly food as by this time she was starving.  It was lovely and warm in there but probably only for me as I had my back to the fire!!!  I think we stayed in there quite a while and here we said goodbye to Mina and Claire, Louise and Hywel because they had to get back to sort out their respective dogs.  It was great that they made it though and good to see them being able to let their hair down.

Final stop before our house was Kaponas - this is now seeming very dim and distant but I do remember her children singing Christmas songs to us and I do remember she wanted to give us our drinks on the house but we all put in some money because we want her to remain in business.

All remaining Jinglers came back to our house where it would appear we were the most rubbish of hosts - We are not entirely sure if anyone got a drink as the mulled wine was untouched and John didn't put out a corkscrew.  We found a full jug of red wine which we can't be sure was refilled or not, a bottle of white wine with the cork pushed in and some empty tea cups.  Some of the soup got eaten but not all and Charlie polished off Sharon's lovely cake because I forgot to put it in the fridge.  John fell asleep with Jane Hughes and I managed to get to bed having switched everything off and locked everything I think!

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