Thursday, 10 December 2015

Ladies Lunch

Apologies readers for the cock-up with the posts - I have no idea what has happened but I am out of sync - but bear with me!!

Project pool continues but it seems to have done nothing more than provide Boris and Charlie with one massive playground - Charlie is oblivious to the fact that he is a chunky monkey and he is trying to play hide and seek with Boris but Boris is no fool he knows exactly where chunky-monkey is!

This amused them for a little while until John stepped in and moved them on.  He wanted to get the area tidy before the men come again today because today is going to get very messy - very  messy indeed as the concrete adjacent to the patio doors has to be cut away - not only will it be dusty but I am worried that a shard of concrete might just fly into the glass and cause damage.

I chose to make an escape down to Polis to run some errands and feed Millie en route.  I had a load of bills for Sharon and I can never work out which ones have been paid and which ones have not so I thought I would go down and get them sorted once and for all.  It was a much more pleasant day down in Polis where the temperature this time of year can be anything up to about four degrees higher than in Drouseia and at this time of year four degrees is a lot!  As I was going to both CYTA and the Electricity Board I parked down the side street next to the massive old olive tree which is over 700 years old.

When I got back Charlie had got the hump - he is now tired of having interlopers around the house and I can't say I blame him!  The noise and the dust this morning were incredible and I know that it is going to get worse before it gets better.  I asked the foreman Ed whether, once the job was finished, I would be hard pushed to see that they had been and he said yes but that you couldn't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs - I gave him a severe Paddington Bear type stare and he removed his size 11 boot from one of my anemone's which is just beginning to show some signs of life.  I know the garden will recover - I felt the same when the wall was being built but I just wonder why workmen just can't look at where they are standing every once in a while.

I have yet to work out what the bearded guy with the sunnies does - he seems to stand around a lot, drink tea and eat pot-noodles - I guess he must have some expertise that is not currently being utilised - at least I hope so but as yet this is unclear he clearly is hiding his light under a bushel.  John keeps a very firm eye on the workers - bet they love that but after the wetroom fiasco he is determined that we get exactly what we pay for and I don't blame him.

Today it was the Christmas Ladies Lunch which was being held at the Droushia Heights Hotel.  This had been organised by Sheila and sadly because of an issue with her teeth she was going to have to miss it as she had been given an emergency appointment with a specialist down in Paphos.  Normally Sheila, Mum and I go off to Ladies Lunch and John goes somewhere with Klaus and Dad but today John needed to be on hand with the men.  Klaus kindly offered to stay at home and feed Dad and send a food parcel up to John (for which he was extremely grateful).

So in Sheila's absence I went down to the hotel early to make sure everything was as it should be.  They really pulled out the stops for us today as the table was beautifully decorated (Sheila provided the crackers).  On arrival we were given a glass of mulled wine (or two in my case).  We had pumpkin soup which was delicious, the salad bar, an assortment of hot food including a full sized turkey on the carvery and this year great progress was made with proper gravy and cranberry sauce and cauliflower cheese, roasted squash and brussels sprouts as veg which is rather more English than we get normally get - I did ask Kelly why not just peas and carrots but she said that these are just not vegetables that Cypriots are used to serving.

Each lady brought with them a small gift of no more than €5 value so that they could then take a different one home with them and some of the ladies like small children couldn't wait to choose their gift and poked and prodded and shook and sniffed!!!!  For once everyone who attended brought a gift - no-one forgot which is amazing.

Lovely lovely Kelly baked and iced seasonal cookies leaving a small bag for each one of the ladies to take home with them.

The hotel was lovely and warm, the food was good, the wine was flowing, the ladies were all chatty so all in all I think it was a successful lunch - it was just a shame that Sheila had to miss it having put in the effort to organise it so well.

A big thank you to all the hotel staff who looked after us so well and a special thank you to the kitchen staff who did a good job and who often get flack rather than praise.

It was a great lunch but we all agreed that it is so hard to think that Christmas Day is only three weeks away!

On my return home the men had gone - they are not quite ready for the cement pour tomorrow so they are coming extra early apparently - deep joy - as John says it begs the question why they didn't stay a little longer this afternoon whilst it was still light.  We think they are finding it a bit cold up here!!

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