Thursday, 24 December 2015

We have Neighbours!!!

The weather today was grey and gloomy - it matches our moods - poolgate - what a great Christmas Present.  I am not going to name names at the moment but I will when the time is right because these bloody cowboys cannot be allowed to continue to carry on and I actually think I am doing cowboys a disservice.

Today we have asked the chief cowboy not to come back on site - I certainly don't want him back here and I think John would kill him just at the moment.  We have asked him to give us proposals as to how he is going to rectify the work that is unsatisfactory but aren't holding out much hope.

I got the job of going down to feed Millie today.  The countryside around now has all the colours of Autumn - I guess this is our Autumn although it is mid December!

Millie wasn't around this morning and it is Wednesday when the mad men of Cyprus are out 'hunting' for which read shooting at anything that moves or even things that don't move as in the case of road signs which seem to get it when there is nothing else to hunt.

Sure enough as I was leaving John and Susan's I had to pull over for two lads in a 4x4 with a shotgun hanging out of the side.  They are supposed to wear a bit of orange - Oxi and they are supposed to have their guns safe - Oxi - still they waved cheerily as I was wedged to the side of the road and went off looking like something from the Dukes of Hazzard.

From Millie's I was shooting down to Peyia as I had purchased a rotary washing line from someone who is going back to the UK.  I got to about Arodes and had to wait for the Kleftiko Train to pass through.  Yesterday Pigs, today Kleftiko - dinner is constantly walking across our paths!

As I approached the Donkey place at Trakkas there was a man in the middle of the road brandishing a shotgun stood right near a sign which says that Hunting is Prohibited and just in front of him was his 'beater'  I was sorely tempted to run him over as he was clearly dumb to be standing in the middle of the road and blind because he couldn't read the sign so he had to be deaf as well surely!!!

When I left Peyia the weather was a balmy 20 degrees and the lady that I bought the line from was in shorts and a vest top and I had on a jumper dress and boots because up in Droushia it was only 14 degrees - I say only 14 degrees - sometimes that is as good as it gets in the UK in the summer!!!.

Back to Droushia for a spot of lunch before a quick turn round as I was going to the airport to pick up Sean and Sharon who are returning to Cyprus permanently after an absence of around 5 years and so now we will have neighbours which is going to be strange after nearly 5 years without any.  On my way down through Paphos I stopped off at Kolios to get our Christmas Wine box - 10 litres of red for €25 - should keep us going for a little while!!

I wanted to call into Euromania whilst I was down that way so approached the airport on the old road from Geriskipou only to find that they had chosen today, a Wednesday, to tarmac the junction where everyone has to cross to get to the airport road.  They were directly on the junction as I got there and had to pass over wet tarmac - god knows how many times they will have had to go over that particular stretch.

I had decided to pull up and have a drink at Bona Mare Beach Bar and wait for Sean and Sharon to let me know that they had their bags because I had thought this close to Christmas the airport would be really busy.  Just as I was about to get settled I saw an EasyJet flight about to land and realised that it was their flight coming in from Luton so I decided I would just drive slowly up to the carpark and go in and wait for them as hopefully they wouldn't take too long to come through passport control and baggage collection.  As it happened the carpark was fairly empty as most people seem to prefer to chance their luck parking around the periphery of the airport even though the police were out and about checking on cars.

I had my camera with me and felt their arrival permanently back on the island should be recorded for posterity.  I warned Sharon that she may well need a jumper once she got to Droushia as it was at least 6-7 degrees warmer down at the airport so at this time of year that is 50% more!!

We decided to celebrate their arrival with a meal at Fitos in Kathikas - thank goodness they currently cook all day!!!  We had a really nice meal and I sense a bromance about to blossom.  John is happy that now he has a friend nearby!!!

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