Thursday, 17 December 2015

Wednesday - workmen no show

So I think Mum may have passed on some of her germs to me as I woke feeling rough this morning but I must have been very wicked and there is no rest for the wicked - I had to get up because the workmen said yesterday they would be with us around 7.00 to 7.30am urggggghhhhhh.

As I had failed to get the cutting disk thing John wanted yesterday he decided to shoot down to Glykkis to get it and to feed Millie-Mou whilst he was out.  She has not been there the last two times I have been down and that really bothers me.

We woke to a fairly typical Droushia morning with a rolling mist as the sun was breaking through - it is beautiful if not a little chilly - the workmen certainly don't like it and they come trussed up like Nanook of the North and moan about how cold it is.  It is December after all - it is supposed to be colder!!!

It is great to be able to throw the doors open - good for the humidity levels in the house and in the morning as the sun comes up it shines straight in through the back door.  We keep toying with the idea of having a window put in the wall where the fireplace is as there is no window and so the room can be dark and cold but it seems like a big exercise for little reward so it is still in the 'thinking about' category.  But if it means getting workmen in I am thinking it will never happen - our experience with workmen not being that successful.

When the sun was fully up it turned into an exceptional day and we had just one cloud in the sky.  John was down in Polis and I was waiting for the men to arrive.  I kept running out at every noise but nothing doing - John was not going to be happy.  One bit of good news Millie-Mou was around when John fed today phew panic over!!!

John returned and the men weren't here so he phoned the office - this is when everything started to go pear shaped when we realised that they thought everything was hunky dorey and that we had had wall to wall workers over the last couple of weeks and this was far from the truth. Shit the shit was going to hit the fan - we were getting a visitation from the office...

Whilst we waited for the Office to arrive we set about painting the back wall of our bedroom.  When we took the lid of the paint we looked at each other and thought we must have picked up the wrong one.  Then we got the swatch out and realised it was correct.  Before the paint dried it had a somewhat greenish tinge but fortunately two coats gave the duck egg blue hue we had been hoping for.  I love it and even better and more surprisingly John loves it - he says our bedroom looks fabulous so for once my vision has been successful and although blue can sometimes be a cold colour for bedrooms this shade has worked perfectly.  I am happy with this now.

The Office arrived and we feel like we are starring in a Channel 4 programme of 'builders from hell' - what is it with us?  I don't think we are particularly fussy or difficult to work for but we are being taken for a bit of a ride.  This is the state of my patio doors - is that acceptable?  I think not.

Apparently the workmen will arrive and put in a full day tomorrow - they probably will hate us but I am beyond caring - I don't know what a full day is as far as they are concerned!

Can't say too much as the Office are doing their best to get things sorted but our finish date of 19th December is never going to happen.  The garden looks terrible, the house is a shit tip and we are depressed.

Nearly forgot to thank Atlantic Insurance for our spare wheel cover.  We have only waited about 5 years for it to come but we got it in the end and it looks very smart!

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