Friday, 22 January 2016

Flights, Flamingos and Fish and Chips...

Up with the larks this morning as my internal alarm clock woke me at 5.30am which was an ideal time to put on the immersion heater so we could have a lovely hot shower before picking up Lou-Lou and H and taking them to Larnaca airport - they are off on a very well earned holiday.  It is difficult to judge how long the trip from Drouseia to Larnaca airport will take - so much depends on the weather and the time of day so we always leave a bit extra just in case...  Fortunately I had checked with Lou in advance that they needed to be there three hours ahead otherwise we might have been really pushing it and Lou would have been more fraught than she already was!!!

We go to them on right on time - shoved a mug of ready made coffee in their hands and set off for the airport.  It was a glorious day and an uneventful trip - we even had to put the aircon on as we neared Larnaca!!!  As it happens with empty roads and cruise control we made the trip in well under 2 hours and so they arrived in plenty of time - first stop Doha - or is that Abu Doha Hywel??  Anyway enjoy and I really dont mind what you bring me back - elephant, sari, rug, buddha - not bothered!!

It was by chance last night when Elena popped round that she mentioned we should go and see the flamingos if we were going to the airport as they were almost next door.  I was really keen that we try and do that and as it turned out to be such a beautiful day we thought we would try.  We had no idea where the salt lakes were but followed our noses and came across them totally by accident.  We probably could have got closer but didn't know the area that well so parked off road and walked down to the edge of the water.  It was a bit soggy there so had to be careful and I only had John's little camera with me so the photos weren't great - the sunshine bouncing off of the water tended to white everything out.

You can see how close to the airport we were as that is the comms tower behind John.  I guess if you are lucky you can see the birds as you fly in and out of the airport if the conditions are right and they are on the lakes.  Anyway I was really pleased that we got the opportunity.  If you go be warned they are very noisy even from a distance.

The trip back from Larnaca was hardly what you would call stressful except if you were speeding as periodically we encountered Police on the side with radars - not a problem with correctly set cruise control!!!

We were taking the opportunity to call into Pissouri and catch up with Wendy and Bill as we would be going past.

Shamefully we have not been to their house for quite a while so it was lovely to sit on their balcony with its spectacular view and soak up the sunshine.  In fact, it was too hot and too bright and we had to get the awnings pulled over!!!  It was really relaxing sitting chatting and sampling Mrs Bailey's cheese scones!

There is a newly opened Fish and Chip establishment in Pissouri called The Plaice which they were keen for us to try and so it suited us to have a late lunch with them as we wouldn't then need anything when we eventually got back home.

This is a really really nice little place - beautifully decorated and with an extensive menu which is not just dedicated to fish and chips.

There are lots of quirky items that make up the decor and it is all spotlessly clean - we were even invited to venture into the gents to take a look in there!!!

 I am thinking that maybe mum and dad would enjoy a little trip out here - maybe when they have visitors as it would be a nice afternoon out.

The fish and chips were excellent - John, Bill and Wendy all went for Haddock and I stuck with Cod - the portions were massive but beautifully cooked and Bill and Wendy's mushy peas came in sweet little individual saucepans.

Someone was having what looked like a club sandwhich with chips and the chips came in a little metal bucket.

The tartar sauce was lovely - would think it was home-made or a superior quality bought one than you normally have.  All in all we thought it was really nice and when the owner Steve pitched up with brandies for the non-drivers they were well impressed!

Wendy and Bill then took us to see the venture that Wendy is involved with which is a new gift shop which she is helping set up in conjunction with Harris from O Vrakas Taverna.  It is currently being refurbished but she has been busy sourcing local artisans who want to showcase their wares in Pissouri.  It is a bit of a departure from bathrooms but I know that Wendy will make it a huge success.  Will keep you posted on progress!!

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