Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Girlie Shopping with Elaine...

We thought we had managed to remove everything from the bedroom that Charlie could use as a dinner gong so the hearts hanging from the bed and the hearts hanging from various handles had had to go.  In the wee small hours when Charlie's tapeworm wakes up he comes to let us know by finding something he can flick with his paw and tap tap tap tap tap until we relent and get up.  With nothing to flick he had resorted to coming in through the window and then scratching like mad on the bedroom door to be let out but this morning he excelled himself by finding the little wooden hearts that are hanging off of the picture frames that Jane and John gave us the other Christmas.  We had thought them to be well out of his reach but oh no we were wrong and this morning we had the gentle or not so gentle tap tap tap until the whole thing fell on the floor.  Ten out of ten for initiative Charlie but nought out of ten for timing I am afraid.

It was a beautiful morning this morning good job because my John was going down to help John Read with something that involved being outside and on the roof and he had cancelled once this week, Monday, when it was like a monsoon.

I had arranged to meet up with Elaine for a little bit of girlie time as I haven't seen her much of late and she and Paul have had a couple of horrendous incidents in the house - one involving their underfloor heating in the kitchen acting like Vesuvius and popping the tiles on top.  This is just not the sort of thing you need to happen and not the sort of thing you want to happen in the winter when it can be so bloody cold.  Still in insurance assessors have been out and fingers crossed they will get it rectified or replaced or whatever.

We weren't sure exactly what we were going to do because (a) it is Wednesday and Wednesday is half day closing and the government are trying to reinstate the antiquated shopping laws which sees businesses shut on Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons, Sundays - not to mention garages not working on a Tuesday afternoon and hairdressers on the Thursday (I think but then again I lose track) and (b) it is the Winter and so many businesses close for several months before reopening 'for the season'.

We decided that we would go an investigate where Swanky Wags have moved to.  Swanky Wags (otherwise Scallywags, Skanky Shags etc) is a sort of co-operative of crafters - people seem to rent out space to show their wares and some of the local Charities take a stand selling things that have been donated - selecting some of the nicer bits and pieces, there is also some good quality second hand clothes and there is going to be a bit of a specialist cafe which will provide gluten free and vegan food apparently.

We found it with some help from Mum - she knows the venue from old as it used to host her ladies group Harmony when they had coffee mornings.

Outside is a plant which I have not been able to identify.  I have seen it before in the house in Kathikas which is almost opposite Fitos and it is very impressive looking - if it survives up in Kathikas it should survive in our garden - I am trying to find someone who recognises it but I did manage to find what I think was a seed pod nearby which some seeds in it and I will give that a go.

They have not quite finished kitting out the new shop and the cafe is not yet open but they are getting there and it has a nice artisan feel to the place and some interesting items on sale.  I wasn't really looking for anything myself but it is always nice just to have a mooch.

Wendy Bailey I have included several pictures as this might just give you some ideas!!!

I didn't think I wanted anything but I had noticed that my trusty old handbag - the only one I ever use is now so old that instead of being black it has taken on a rather strange hue - it was one of the last purchases I made from Clarks with my mum's discount card and I was rather fond of it - unfortunately it wasn't really big enough to house my camera when I went out so I was always in danger of losing things from it.  Anyway I did find a rather nice bag in Spanky Dags and treated myself to it and even discarded the old one adopting John's one in one out policy.

From Slinky Dogs Elaine and I decided to make our way back towards home and stopped into have a look at where Hearns Bookshop has now moved.  I have to say I never went into the old shop as it always looked so dark and uninviting.

Hearns has relocated to where the UK Foods place was in Peyia and this is a much lighter and brighter venue.  Downstairs are cards and gifts (and surprisingly a surgery for the hearing aid man) and upstairs will be books.  The books are still to be unpacked and displayed!

Next door to Hearns is a little coffee shop that we have heard a lot of good things about - Grao de Cafe.  As it was lunchtime-ish we thought we would give it a go and opted to sit outside in one of the areas that was facing the sun.

Inside is very cosy and nicely decorated but it seems such a bonus to be able to sit outside in January.

Elaine and I both had coffee - a cappuccino for her and a latte for me and then we decided we would each chose a different sandwich and then share - Elaine went for the smoked salmon and cheese and I went for a chicken salad combo.

Good coffee and excellent sandwiches and a lovely relaxing atmosphere - all for €13 - now that can't be bad - will definitely give that place a go again if and when we are down that way and looking for somewhere to have a cuppa.

We were out again this evening - this time the Giolou/Droushia Massive were out for a kebab together before a certain couple go off on their holidays, and because a certain somebody will be away for her birthday, I took along a card and pressie.  Happy Birthday Lou-Lou those of us remaining on the island will raise a drink to you on the correct day.


  1. We have the plant in Madeira. It's locally called the 'popcorn tree', because if you smell the flowers they smell like fresh popcorn. I can't remember its proper name but will try and find out. Jx

    1. wow thanks Joani - that should narrow it down a bit x