Monday, 18 January 2016

Miserable Monday...

This morning we woke to a horrible day this seems to be typical of Mondays at the moment!  Curtains closed and flood defences up means that we are expecting rain and lots of it.  This clearly isn't on Charlie's radar as he was blissfully aware sleeping on Minnie-Mou's seat - the birthing chair.

John re-stoked the fire as he was going to be in all day - it doesn't take much and Chivers was quite happy with the arrangement.  It was chucking it down and looked set for the day so John wasn't going to be able to do any jobs outside.  He wasn't overly upset - he had a film earmarked that I wouldn't want to watch!

I was off to art but up early this morning - I have been asked to make some Mother's Day cards and my original design was snapped up immediately so I needed to make some more.  I had a couple of hours spare so started on some new designs.

This was what I ended up with - I have to give thanks to Lou-Lou as she is a huge Owl lover so this gave me an idea for some cards.  Owl are apparently very popular at the moment.  Anyway before I went to Sheila's I managed to make two or three.

As I said the weather this morning was awful - I had to get dressed up for the conditions so dug out my trusty Kagool - not awfully flattering but functional!!  I don't think it would look out of place at Glastonbury!!!

Anyway I shot off to Sheila and Klaus's for my normal Monday Morning art session and then lunch.  They were anticipating a power cut having been given notification that there would be one.  We are on a different circuit as we think our electricity comes from Inea so didn't know anything about it.  At the end of the day there was no power outage.  We think that the weather was so bad that AIK didn't fancy doing whatever it was that would mean the power going off!!

I had a productive morning.  I had chosen to do a small picture this time a subject matter that I had not tried before - I am trying to challenge myself and push the boundaries.  Last time I did a person which I hadn't tackled before and this time I was trying a bird and again this was thanks to Lou-Lou.

So this was the picture that I chose to do.  It is quite loose and stylised but I thought Lou might like it and as it is her birthday soon I shall give it to her.   I am not sure about it - I have found another picture of an owl that I am going to try next which is more photographic and I shall see how it goes.

On my drive home I noticed that there was some interesting cloud lying in the valley between us and Giolou.

After the morning rains the afternoon was much nicer - in fact we had some good sunshine this afternoon - I guess we should expect this mixed bag in January but get one nice day and we hope that this weill mean the weather is settled.  The island desperately needs rain but we just don't want to be around to witness it.  Fortunately each year we are more prepared for the weather and the house is better prepared for the weather and that is all we can hope for.

Having eaten at Sheila and Klaus's this lunchtime and John having eaten we didn't really want much for our evening meal but we had some of Paps lovely carrot cake to eat up.  I can't tell you how scrummy this is - there is no way I could make a cake like that for the money.

So this evening I shot off down to Polis for belly dancing but unfortunately poor Sofi got caught up in the fog and had to turn back so I was home early.  John was stuck into the film he had chosen which was Hateful Eight - Quintin Tarantino which is not my cup of tea but he enjoyed it and was snuggled up with Boris, Charlie and Chivers.

I got home and waited for the film to finish before we got stuck into Mr Robot which is a fantastic series - by this time Charlie had moved off and Minnie was contemplating taking his place!!!

Great news - we learned that John's sister Janice has been made a director of her firm - we are so proud of her - she deserves it x

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