Monday, 11 January 2016

Monday - What Awful Weather...

When we woke this morning it was to the sound of very very high winds - everything was banging and shaking and John said that although it is the rain that he can't stand, because you can never really tell what damage it is doing, the winds come a very close second.  On referring to the Coptic Chart it could be that the next forecast storm has come a week early and it is down as being a gale.  I had planned to walk back from art.  John had dropped me off and I was happy to get some exercise and fresh air on the way back but the weather deteriorated as the morning went on so he had to come and pick me up.

It was really nice to get back to art and a bit of a normal routine.  Both Sheila and I are starting new pictures.  I will take one of Sheila's when she has progress a bit further but the subject matter is a man wearing a woolen hat - the man has a face which is full of character and Sheila is doing it in shades of grey which will be interesting.  Today she was working on the woolen hat and it was amazing.

I have started on my new picture but have found something which, if it turns out OK, I plan to give as a present to someone who I know reads the blog.  I am going to keep it under wraps for the time-being but it is a departure from anything I have done before so it may just make it as far as the bin!

Whilst John and Susan were away we collected up their post from the box in the village - I can't think that anyone is interested but it seemed better that it didn't sit there mounting up.  John was going down to Polis to do some shopping today so called in with it.  Susan had brought me some little gifts as a thank-you for looking after Millie.  They were just up my street so thank you Mr & Mrs Reed and welcome back to the island although I reckon you have brought shitty weather back with you.

It has been an afternoon for battening down the hatches and enjoying the wood-burner.  The cats seem happy enough to be indoors and toasty warm.

We have to keep a towel to hand as they do venture out albeit briefly and then come back in absolutely soaking and then want to sit on you lap.

We have had it all this afternoon, gale force winds, driving rain, fog, hail the lot.  We have our flood defences up at the front door, windows and shutters firmly shut, wood burner lit and rubbish TV on - bliss.

We are struggling to find something the fill the void that Luther has left - we had high hopes of BlindSpot but it has turned out to be a bit 'B' rate or as John would put it Stand-Easy Productions but having watched a couple we now can't be bothered to find something else although I am more than happy to gift it a draft chit!!!

Actually I have only been watching it with half an eye as I have been asked to make a few Valentine's Cards and I have been wanting to sort out my craft stuff for a while so this was a good excuse.  Mum had given me some cards and envelopes before Christmas so I knew I had some blanks to hand.

I have now got bored with card-making but have made a few which should be enough.  The weather is appalling and seems to come over in waves.  Mum has text to say they think they have escaped the worst of it which is good news.

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