Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Tuesday - return to Pickleball

We are gradually returning to our normal routine so this afternoon we are resuming badminton and pickleball and it will be good to get back on the court (once we have marked it out - we have to remove the markings over the Christmas break).

We were up early - there had been quite a bit of rain overnight and this morning and although it didn't feel as cold as it has been you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and looking at the electric we generated or in fact the lack of it the weather must have remained like this most of the day.  It is miserable when it is like this but thankfully it isn't for too long.

As we had some time on our hands before we set off I decided to tackle the Christmas decorations and get them put away.  It gets to this point in the festive season and I have had enough of having the decorations around and want to get the surfaces dusted.  The trouble with the wood burner is that it does generate a lot of dust.  Of course if we celebrated Epiphany in the same way as the Cypriots do then we would be happier to keep the decorations up until 6th (tomorrow).

John has decided to adopt the cling-film wrapping of the Christmas Tree method so that it goes away complete with the decorations - apparently it will just need a bit of primping when we get it out to make it look as it did before it got put away.  Not sure about that but it did make it much quicker!!!

We managed to get everything down except for the wreath which is on the gate - this didn't get brought in today because it was soaking wet but I expect it will get forgotten for several days and everytime we come in through the gate we will say to one another 'we really need to bring in that wreath'  There are still staples in the gate from last Christmas when we put a sign up outside!!

Anyway I am glad that this has been done - we clearly do not need to by any more decorations for years to come but I don't think a year goes by without us buying something new that catches our eye!!! and of course there is that lovely shop Mum and I found the other week which sells all those beautiful decorations that I will just have to visit.

I have to admit that the house really does look bare without the decorations but by tomorrow we will have forgotten all about them.  We have our friends Nicky and Mark coming to stay on Thursday so I will at least have a chance to give the house a bit of a clean before they come.

During the tidy up process I came across one of my presents from Lou and H - I have some glass paints and a glass to decorate - I am going to try and keep Mondays after art and before belly dancing free for craft projects so I am going to find a nice design and have a go at this.

Our journey down to Emba was interesting - there were places where the fog was hanging around in places so visibility was really poor.  It wasn't exactly cold just grey and wet.  It was foggy off and on all the way to Tsada and then as we came down the hill into Paphos it got brighter.

We got the court marked out and there were five of us for Pickleball this afternoon - Jeff is away at the moment so it seemed quiet without him.  It was quite chilly in the hall to begin with but after a bit of running round I was soon warmed up.  It was good to get back into the swing (literally!!!).

Mum wanted to go to the Mall after we had finished playing and I wanted a few things in Jumbos so was happy to go with her.

I wanted a nice frame for the picture of the old lady that I have just completed and I managed to find one reasonably priced in Jumbos.

We also had a little look at the shoes in the sale at Crysanthou and they had a really nice pair of biker style boots in the sale which would have replaced my old faithfuls which have seen better days but unfortunately they didn't have them in my size so we decided to call into the branch on Mesoghi Avenue and I was thrilled that they did have them and they fitted and they were 50% off.  Mum is going to give them to me for my birthday which will be great because Old Faithfuls will limp on for another couple of months and then I will have nice new ones for next winter.  Result!!

As the sun went down in Paphos it was quite a pleasant evening and hopefully the orange skies will herald a nicer day tomorrow, not sure that will be the case because at Tsada it was pea-soupers and it was like that intermittently all the way home - Droushia was blanketed in fog - no more rain thankfully so the flood defences didn't have much to do today.

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