Friday, 19 February 2016


So a fairly normal Friday for us - starting with our regular visit to the Gym with Diana.  Today our enthusiasm was somewhat muted and John had a bit of a stiff arm so we paired our exercise down before enjoying our Pickwick Lemon Tea and cookies.  We are trying to find out where we might be able to purchase the Pickwick brand as these are really nice teabags - I bought some other lemon teabags and they just didn't cut the mustard!!

I forgot to say that yesterday afternoon after we had returned from the Brewery and we were cuddled up with the fire watching crap TV someone rang the doorbell so I went out to find Eleni (Savvas the tyre-man's wife) and one of her sons wrapped up like Nanuk of the North clutching a bag of eggs for us - a right old selection of guinea-fowl, chicken, duck and goose by the looks of it.  I thanked her in my bestest Greek which she then duly corrected and she and her son went off from whence they came!  I shall so look forward to eating these - the last ones were delicious.

Also yesterday the mystery of our change bag was solved... because we found is nestling down the side of the drivers seat in Kenny.  The contents had fallen out and that accounts for the fact that I have found it difficult to move the seat forward on a number of occasions! We found it when we returned from the Brewery having followed a very dodgy red 4x4 car which turned off for Droushia.  We had parked up and this strange car suddenly appeared in the estate with two youths wearing hoodies sat inside.  John went into full-on neighbourhood watch mode with puffed out chest the lot because he didn't recognise the car or the occupants - when the two guys started to get out of the car I thought John was going to carry out a citizen's arrest.  Then one removed his hood and said "Hello John did my father not text you to let you know we were coming???"  Clearly not Philippos otherwise you would have got a much warmer welcome than you got!!!  It was our neighbour's son who just happened to be working in the neighbourhood and came to check the house was ok!!!

After gym and before going to Paphos I quickly call round to see Eleni at Kaponas Grill House to let her know that we have had quite a lot of interest in our proposed 'conversational' Greek morning on Wednesday - this is good news for those wishing to improve their Greek/Cypriot and for Eleni who often sits in the grill house on her own during the day.

We had a fast and furious pickleball session - I really admire Mum for keeping up the way she does although what she lacks in youth and fitness she makes up for with finesse and spin!!!  We certainly get a good workout and enjoy it immensely.  There was no-where particular that we wanted to go afterwards but Mum wanted to show me a new little card shop that has opened along the road from Chloraka into old town Paphos called Best Wishes - it is a really nice little card shop and the prices are very reasonable.  I know that I make cards but just sometimes you want something and only a shop-bought card fits the bill.  With Valentine's Day in a couple of days' time I decided I should buy a card for John - he will be mortified as he wont have and we don't normally but I saw one and thought it looked sweet and I know I give him a right old hard time sometimes but I do love him.

Once back home it was straight into getting supper sorted.  The soup was done and only needed heating in the pressure cooker so I made the 'pizzas' ready to go into the oven.  I managed to cut the ciabatta I bought into three man-sized pieces so that this would probably have done for tea on its own!!!

The pancakes were going to be filled with an orange and passion fruit compote which I had bubbling on the stove and a quenelle of vanilla icecream.  This was going to be consumed before we had a three-handed cribbage challenge - normally John partners Sean and I partner Sharon but Sean is currently away so this was the best we could do.  Before we knew it, it was gone 10.00pm!!! what is it about playing Crib that makes the time fly???

Finally spent some time sorting out a special birthday celebration that is coming up - I really should have been a party planner!!!

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