Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Ladies Lunch...

After a miserable Monday it was lovely to wake and see the sunshine brightening up the back garden - this was good as today was Ladies Lunch and it is always nicer to be lunching at the Hotel when the sun is shining and John, Dad and Klaus were going to Fitos so again it is a nicer venue when the sun shines.

We had a few little jobs we wanted to get sorted before lunch - one of which was to get our cat torch functioning - it was a gift from Lou-Lou and H for Christmas and when we first put batteries into it we got a big fat NADA but then I put my engineer onto it and he fixed it which is great so that is good.

Tomorrow we are going to tackle the leaky immersion whilst we have the doors off of the cupboards.

John is keeping an eye on the slight drip we have at the moment so there is a ladder there which Minnie Mou soon discovered and used to take her up to where I store the beach towels and bed throws - she got herself settled down and out of the way and she was quite happy there until Boris worked out where she was and wanted a piece of the action.  She gave him short shrift and didn't allow him to settle - just look at those evil eyes she is giving him - he decided enough was enough got up there and then got straight back down when she batted him around the head a couple of times!!!

She was less than impressed when Fatty worked out what was going on and although he is nowhere near as spritely getting up the ladder as Bori,s mainly because he has so much bulk to heave up there, he persevered and got up there.  Undeterred he made his way into the cupboard and ousted Minnie by his sheer weight - pressure applied by his big old hips he just moved her sideways and took her warm spot.

Poor MinMin - all she wants out of life is to be left alone undisturbed somewhere cosy for most of the day and instead she has to put up with two of her three brothers who like to see what she is up to and irritate her!!! John managed to get Charlie to move by intimating that there was food on offer in the kitchen - there wasn't but the merest hint of anything culinary and Charlie is there like a flash.  Minnie heaved a huge sigh of relief, settled down and remained curled up on my beach towel for the rest of the day.

Mum and Dad arrived safe and sound ready for lunch - we managed to sit in the conservatory beforehand as it was nice and warm with the sun coming in. 

Once again the Droushia Heights did our ladies group proud.  We had a decent turn out even though two or three people had to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another - but we had a couple of newbies too so that was good.  Our table is always laid beautifully and this time we had serviettes that had been folded into a heart shape which looked lovely against the plain brown paper placemat - in fact I purloined a couple from some empty places so I could see how they had been folded - you never know when you might need a heart-shaped serviette!!

Our meal this month started with Tomato Soup, followed by the Salad Bar, then a selection of hot food and rounded off with a selection of sweets including the beautiful truffles that they make and some pretty special baclava and all of this for just €10 - if you can't find enough in amongst all that to get your monies worth then you must be really picky!

Mum always enjoys herself as she has been going long enough for people to know who she is and there a regular few who always engage her in conversation.  Diana, Sheila and I shared what seemed like a never ending carafe of Kolios red and were all a bit squiffy as a result!!  It was a nice lunch and Mum and I rolled in about 4.00pm by which time John was about to send out a search party.  Needless to say not a lot else got done in the afternoon so we settled for a quiet evening watching the TV.

This evening we got to try out our new hottie wottie botties for the first time.  John had pointed out that every evening when we have the wood burner lit we produce loads of hot water as we have two kettles that sit on top and often that water just gets wasted so we detailed Mum off to go and get us some HWB's - I had seen some when we were in Endless the other day and she brought them up with her today.  We think they are fab but Minnie Mou is not convinced her first encounter with them when she got onto the bed tonight resulted in a look of horror and a fast back-tracking off of the wibbly wobbly warm patch!

I am now in search of some knitting patterns so that I can knit more colour coordinated jumpers for the bottles than those that they came with - having spent time and effort on the soft furnishings I can't let these two bed warmers let the whole thing down - John thinks I am nuts because most of the time they will be inside the bed and therefore out of view but standards are standards!!

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