Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Monday on my own...

I have the week to myself - it is a long time since John has been away leaving me behind and it is both strange and quite exciting - time all to myself!!!!  This week started with art at Sheila's and a new picture for both her and me.  Sheila is tackling a picture of a Cypriot woman and I am continuing with my kids on the beach theme with a new picture of a little boy picking up pebbles.  Lots of sea in the background - using full artistic licence on this and just playing with colours the challenge will come with the boy and his face and the shadow in the water underneath.  I hope this is as successful as the last one which went to its new home on Friday.

With the day to myself and a million and one things I want to get done in John's absence so I wanted to shoot down to Paphos to pay the deposit for the workmen who are doing the pool hopefully next week when John returns and I had a text from the Post Office saying I had a parcel that needed collecting and whilst I was down there I thought I could just pick up a few bits in Jumbos and then I had arranged to pick up some egg coddlers - more of which later!!

After yesterday's storms today was a much much better day although breezy and down at the coast you could see the white horses being whipped up around Argaka - normally this stretch of the coastline is very calm but not today.

I must have chosen the right time to go to the Post Office - in fact it was so quiet I thought it must be closed but it was just empty!  I walked straight up to the counter showed my text and got my parcel and the girl said she was concerned about the state of the packaging so asked me to check it there and then to make sure I was happy with it.  All was good - it is my new iron at long last and I am going to work myself up to using it!!!

I quickly nipped into the Mall - again Monday afternoon must be a good day because I parked right outside the door and I mean right outside the door which meant I could run up to Jumbos and pick up the few things I needed and was out again in minutes few - result!!!

I then moved on to Coral Bay to pick up the Coddlers - Jane and John who are on holiday here introduced me to coddled eggs last year and kindly gave me to coddlers with the same wren design.  They were only saying on Sunday that they missed not having their coddlers over here and so I was more than prepared to let them borrow back the two they gave me when, would you believe it, I saw two advertised for sale on the internet at a very reasonable price particularly as they are unused and have only sat on a shelf and been dusted.

I am guessing that generally there isn't a huge amount of call for egg coddlers in Cyprus but dang I wanted them and so I raced to get them before someone else snapped them up.

I think the seller was only too pleased to get rid of them and I was only too pleased to take them off of her hands!!!  I shall drop them off to Jane and John tomorrow when I shall be calling in to sort them out with some films to watch on our old Andriod Box as they don't have any internet at their apartment at the moment.  Don't know if they will like my choice but it will be better than nothing.

As I came along the coast road I could see something black in the sea - the sea was really rough and I couldn't really make out what it was until I took a photograph and zoomed in and could see someone in a wetsuit.  I thought he or she was just swimming until the person rose up and started to surf - it is quite mesmeric watching someone riding the waves and when he caught one right (I could by now make it that it was a man) he rode for quite a while.

I stood watching for a while but had to get a move on because before going to belly dancing I was going to call into John and Susan's as John had some issues with his laptops and printer and I wasn't sure how long it was going to take to sort them - if I could - I had failed miserably last time but then he had upgraded to Windows 10 which seems fraught with problems and now he has had his laptops rolled back.

Susan was out doing her normal bike ride - in fact I passed her on the road - I was going down the hill as she was coming up.  John's problems weren't too difficult to resolve fortunately and I managed to deal with them all before going down to Polis and my regular belly-dancing session.  Sadly no Diana this evening as she has a check up with the doctor.  We worked hard tonight - lots of leg work which I will pay for tomorrow.

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