Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Last Day of January - a trip to Larnaca

So we were up early this morning as we were going to Larnaca airport to pick up a returning Lou and H who have had a very well earned break in Goa.  It feels like they have been away for ages!!!  Lucky buggers have missed the worst of the freezing cold weather over here - now the forecast is for milder wet and windy weather but not every day.

We know that the trip should only take a couple of hours and courtesy of the cruise control it should be pretty uneventful but you never know what might be going on, on the roads, so we like to leave with time to spare.

We had decided that we would go back and visit the flamingos if they were still on the lake where we found them the last time and on that little detour we had spotted a 24 hours cafe and shop so decided we could sit there with a coffee waiting for the text to say they had landed and then we could just mooch on back to the terminal and pick them up.

For most of the journey the roads were empty.  It was Sunday morning so no rush hour traffic of course and now that the Government are clamping down on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday trading less shoppers on the road I guess.

As we reached the outskirts of Limassol there was a little more traffic but nothing much to speak of so the journey passed by without incident - there were several speed traps and several people being pulled as a result of the speed traps but we just tootled along enjoying the countryside and the temperatures beginning to rise as the morning went on and we neared Larnaca Airport.

You can tell when you are near the airport as you pass by a wind-farm which is close to the motorway on the right hand side.  It tickles me that these are so close to the airport - you can just imagine the damage that a wayward aircraft might do!

We were making good time and had heard from Louise when she and H were in transit through Doha Airport and there was no indication that the flight was running late - it didn't matter as we were going to wait until they were waiting for their baggage and then make our way to the terminal building.

As we made our way to the salt lakes we were stopped by a motorbike policeman which was a bit worrying - fortunately it was to warn us that there was some sort of road race going on and we were to be careful to avoid the runners.  Blimey those poor runners have to take their lives into their hands with motorists weaving in and out around them!

It was sods law that they were running right along the stretch where we wanted to turn off and get to see the flamingos (if they were there) but fortunately they were running past us so we didn't have too much trouble getting off of the road and down the track that we had found previously and were really pleased that the flamingos were still there although a little further away than they were two weeks ago.  Maybe the stocks of whatever it was that they were eating had been exhausted on the periphery of the lake and they were moving more towards the middle to continue to get their fill.  I took my Canon with the long lens but even that was not really enough to get a good clear shot and they all seemed to be starving as they rarely popped their heads up from under the water - and I would so have loved to see at least one flying!

So here are the flamingos with just one with its head above the water!

Lou and H managed to get their bags fairly quickly and John pulled up and stayed in the car so we didn't have to pay for parking which was a bargain!  We think all the Police were out and about dealing with the road runners!!!  They sounded like they had had a fabulous holiday but had been traveling for about 24 hours so looked a bit shattered so I was kind and didn't take their photograph!!!

As we left Larnaca the temperature was a very reasonable 22 degrees - I think it went up even further to nearer 25 degrees so I bet Louise thought I was joking when I said how cold it had been whilst they were away!!!

We caught up on all the news and the gossip (not that there was any) and hear all about their holiday and then before we knew it we were back in Giolou.

The temperature was dropping like mad and the lovely blue skies were disappearing - it didn't bode well for the afternoon.  We dropped Lou and H off - work beckons for them tomorrow so we will leave them to get themselves back into a routine and then catch up again.

By the time we returned to Droushia it was a chilly 12 degrees and raining - as we parked the car the rolling mists started and we decided to batten down the hatches and light the fire and watch some crap TV for the remainder of the day.

Mum phoned to tell us that they had just enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch at the Devonshire - somewhere they  haven't been to for years but the people remembered them and made them really welcome.  It is good that Mum and Dad have found another nice venue that they can frequent and particularly good that this is open during the winter months.

We had some very sad news this evening that my lovely uncle Tommy had passed away unexpectedly this morning.  He had never got over the death of his wife Norma (my dad's sister) and now they can be reunited.  Sleep well Uncle Tom you old seadog - we will miss you xxx

And thanks to my lovely Aunty Joyce who got the unenviable job of ring all the family members near and far to let them know.

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